SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions | 오징어게임 - squidgame.quest

SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions | 오징어게임

Heavy Spoilers
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SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions. 오징어게임 . We review, recap, explain and react to the story of Squid Game Season 1 on Netflix. We also predict what we think will happen in Season 2. Full spoiler review for the series so if you haven’t seen it then check out now.

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0:00 Squid Game Breakdown Intro
0:44 Squid Game Season 1 Recap
3:08 Who Wins?
3:47 What Happens To Hwang Jun-Ho
4:44 Winning But Still Losing
5:26 Squid Game Ending Explained
7:46 Season 2 Predictions
9:21 Review

Squid Gang Season 1 Recap

Ok so Squid Game follows Gi-Hun a man who’s down on his luck after losing just about everything that means something to him.

His marriage failed, he lost his job, is in deep over his head with gangsters and now faces the fact that his daughter is going to be leaving South Korea with her mother and new family. To make matters worse his mother is also at deaths door and she requires medical treatment in order to save his life.

Seems like things are going worse than this channel is however his fortune seemingly changes when he meets a man at a train station that offers him the opportunity of a life and death time.

Desperate for money Gi-Hun finds himself somewhat squidnapped and drafted into a battle royale between himself and 456 contestants worth a grand prize of 45.6 billion. Throughout we watch as the players are wittled down to one in games of red and green, honey combs, tug of war, hopscotch and one that will have you losing your marbles due to the betrayals in it.

The Meaning Of The Colours

The season is a blast to watch and early on it sets up this idea of division within colours that thematically ends up coming full circle by the end.

The colours Red and Green are introduced and these are actually classed as opposites on the colour spectrum.

Both are mentioned in the passwords, they become the name of the first game and even the contestants wear green whilst the guards don red. The show is absolutely laced with these opposing colours and they in many ways very much represent the divide between the powerful and powerless. As we know from our own society this divide is often showcased between the rich and the poor and we learn that there are a vast number of wealthy men who actually oversee the entire operation and that this is all for their entertainment.

Rather than being seen as people, the players are very much just numbers and this is demonstrated in the fact that they are literally given these as their names.

Along the way, Gi-Hun meets an elderly man named number 1 and the fact that he’s the first drafted into the game should give you a clue towards his true identity at the end.

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  1. i find it crazy that the room they all slept in had pictures on the walls depicting all of the games in the contest and no one including the contestants even noticed it.. it was in front of them the entire time…

  2. Man I would have been nice to have had a heartfelt ending like making everything right with the families at the end


  4. Think we need a real celebrity version of this quick

  5. Another great video. You really should cover that great movie Train to Busan, given you did the sequel which was inferior.

  6. I can see why Ali was a fan favourite. I was just as sad as everyone else when he got eliminated (killed) in the marble game.

  7. This is the first video to truly explain why the old man did what he did. Because he was corrupted by money and PROVED that all the players were too.

  8. Ending was so unsatisfying and was trash

  9. I think the dynamic between Sang woo and Gi hun was absolutely fascinating. When thinking about what I would do in their situation, I’m torn between their personalities. I would like to think I could approach the games with the mentality of “I’d rather die a good man than live as an evil man,” like Gi hun, but in desperation I can’t help but think I would act like Sang woo.

  10. Theory on how S2 will look like:
    Gi hun will either use the prize money to create a secret force to hunt down the organizers of the Squid Game ( Think of it like the Assassins vs Templars in AC Games ) or Gi hun will use it to train himself to become like John Wick.

  11. I don’t know why people did. It like the ending. It was so good.

  12. Thank you for the walkthrough 🙂 I could not sit through the show due to gore.. but I have been very interested in the story

  13. Thanks for the explanation I was a bit confused

  14. Why did he not get on the plane, hasn't he had enough and suffered too much ??

  15. The ending ruined this whole series for me , it was just awful

  16. I think I'll be watching the second season but honestly I kinda hoped they wouldn't make another. The show is good as it is and I feel like the unanswered questions one get's after watching the whole thing just add to it.

  17. I wonder how much I missed because I don't speak Korean. Were the subtitles correct? The nuances?

  18. The reason hes goin back, koreans cannot be beaten they have this weird problem which is they will go after the target even though they know that its a suicidal mission crazy people but super warm heart


  20. My favorite moment was Gi-hun channeling his inner Dale Gribble and using Pocket Sand! Shh Shh Shaa!

  21. Can anyone explain to me why the main character borrowed 10000 won from the banker at the end when he has 45 billion won in the bank?
    That scene just felt so random. That part didn't make any sense to me. 🤷‍♂️

  22. Saffron means good in hindu which means fire n die for a good cause.

  23. I just loved squid game. And I can’t wait until we get to see the next one. Do you know when it’s going too be?

  24. This show isn't perfect, but its probably the best example of "money doesn't bring you happiness." Just my opinion only.

  25. Thank you so much for explaining the end because I stopped watching once I found out that the old man was alive and responsible for all this and I cried for him when he was supposedly dead .

  26. It took me awhile..but I finally watched it, and was not disappointed!.

  27. I can't complete a movie let alone a whole damn series but I binged watched this in a single night. Very gripping.

  28. 9:17 Trung thu chẳng thấy bóng trăng. Chị Hằng đây nè, Chú Cuội ở đâu?

  29. What about sae-byeoks mother in the north. Why didn't he used the money to renuite the mother and son instead of giving the boy to a old lady the boy didnt know

  30. Gi Hun doesn't know Front Man is a winner. He doesn't know about the VIPs either. He doesn't know about the organ harvest side business. He has been too self absorbed to figure out that 001 was the loan shark he was getting threatened by before the games. And unlike the cop, it's impossible for him to go undercover. So to people that complain about the old man reveal at the end because they saw it coming, keep in mind that was Gi Huns first insight into the behind the scenes.

  31. Squid Game is one of the most visceral, literal, scathing, potent critiques of capitalism I've ever seen. It is wonderful.

  32. I just finished the series and I'm blown away…this is so much more than…the illuminate which is the clear presence but the heart and soul of humans and who we really are and how money is really the root of all evil…
    I've created my own idea, he turns away from the flight charters a private jet because he knows once they said he's number on the phone and told him to get on the flight that they had control of that plane…just a thought and I was literally burst into tears when his friends mother opened that suitcase

  33. Seeing the same thing across multiple episodes is not an 'Easter Egg,' or a 'callback.' It's just a prop or story point.
    Stop mis-using the word.

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