SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임 - squidgame.quest

SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임

Heavy Spoilers
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SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임 오징어게임 . We breakdown the ending of Squid Game on Netflix and talk about all the clues in the season that tell us it was Il-Nam The Old Man who was behind it all. This includes a recap of the series and the games that he played in such as Red Light, Green Light, Tug Of War, Glass Hop and The Marbles One. Full Spoilers ahead.

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0:00 The Hidden Wall Clues In Squid Game
0:40 Heavy Spoilers!
0:59 Squid Game Ending Explained
1:40 Old Man Number Clues
3:04 The Clues In The Games
3:24 Red Light, Green Light Breakdown
4:20 The Vote
4:40 The Star
5:10 The Fight
5:35 Tug Of War
5:58 The Marbles And His ‘Death’
6:57 Why He Left The Game
7:40 Competition

Ok so at the end of Squid Game we learn that it was Il-Nam all along.

The final episode reveals that he invented the games as a form of entertainment for him and his rich buddies who had become bored with life. We learn that he had actually got involved in the one that we see in the show because he was dying and wanted a final bit of fun in his life before it was too late.

The ending was absolutely incredible and the scene had Gi-Hun saying goodbye to the character as he lay on his death bed. This last meeting actually reflected their first one in which he too encountered the character as he sat in a bed.

It was a pretty big twist that really pulled the rug out from under your feet but eagle eyed viewers might have spotted early on that there were several clues pointing towards his true identity.

Now the first one is that he is Number 1, the very first player. If we look at the subtext of the series, Gi-Hun is the final number and throughout we watch as he very much works his way to first place, aka Il-Nam.

In the final episode he is left as number one, he inherits a large portion of the character’s fortune and comes face to face with him in one of the final scenes. 1 is symbolic on a number of levels and because it’s the first place, it also hints to us that Il-Nam is number one and the one that’s controlling everything.

In episode 5 Hwang Jun-Ho sneaks through the compound and he eventually finds a storage room with files on all of the games that have happened over the decades. Upon opening up the 2020 one the first player there is actually number 2 and Il-Nam’s profile is completely missing.

There is no file for Number 1 because he doesn’t need or want a record kept for himself.

The other players in the game also hint towards us that something is off with Il-Nam and though it’s not too obvious, when you really think about it, he wouldn’t be someone that would be selected for the process.

Everyone else in the Squid Game is roughly the same age whereas he is extremly elderly.

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  1. I knew he was a villain since I saw him smiling during Red Light Green Light.

  2. Yeah I noticed that it seemed a little coincidental that every game he knew how to play well. But of course, I never made the connection.

  3. I wonder had his team lost the tug of war, and they were all dangling by the rope if they would have dropped the blade to send them all to their deaths, including his, or if they would have lowered it to the ground so as not to kill the host.

  4. If he is the guy behind this spot, then after he’s dead, who’s going to orchestrate the next game(season) which is already started recruiting ?

  5. Il Nam could have been killed in the tug of war and no guard could have saved him if his team had lost.

  6. Are we just gonna ignore how awful they made Americans sound?

  7. Me: why don't you watch squid game?
    Sister: because it's too obvious, I mean why would he be invited.
    Me:*makes random intense noises*

  8. Lmao I wanna finish this video but I can't afford the Netflix

  9. i love at the end where spongebob started twerking on the stage.

  10. Everyone knows the lyrics “무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다” lmao. Its not some elaborate hint

  11. I think it was too obvious that il nam was behind it all I figured it out in the first episode

  12. In the beginning, when he was on the bed talking… I said “he’s in on it”

  13. when they showed Ali's body in the next episode but not the old man I was like "that's very suspicious" the hands of the host also showed that he was an old person too

  14. I don't think 001's advice on the tug-of-war was the best. I've just watched the world championship final and the players are all stood to one side of the rope, not alternating as 001 advised. What would have gave them more of an advantage would be to wrap the rope around the last player (Ali), but 001 didn't tell them to do that.

  15. That's not a picture of the 3 at the table, it's marbles while guard watches

  16. I knew it from the begging, specially him laughing in the first game

  17. Player 001 was NOT safe during the games! – he just picked them and therefore had an advantage. But he was not afraid to die if it would go wrong. There is no way to be safe in tog of war He knew he was going to die soon anyways

  18. They did not win the tug of war game easily. In fact, they were inches from falling to their death.

  19. 3:55 I kinda agree, but this hint would've been better if there was just no glowing green outline on 001 at all, instead of a light glow.

    5:295:34 Actually, we can guess only 001's bed isn't flipped cuz the guard bolted it down.

    5:50 still… 001 coulda lost… then the guards would still have to cut the rope…

  20. Not realated to Il Nam, but something I noticed and remembered was that the girl from North Korea covered her face from the sleep gas to stay awake when they return to the games, I thought this was gonna be important and that she was gonna take note of where they were to escape or share the location with someone, but I guess nothing really came from that.

  21. Another clue I observed was on episode 3 when gi-hun and il nam get to meet again and gi hun was like "i got scared, i thought you were gone for good" then il nam said "Hey, I wont die so easily, you know" with that line that got me thinking why is he so sure that he wont die

  22. Do you know that the Old Man owns squid game
    In the third game called marbles there’s a photo of player o01 wife?

  23. I saw something in The Squid Game that no spoiler video has ever mentioned. Maybe you can help me with this. And if I’m the first to mention it, well, might I win a prize? Anyway, in the take where they all are playing tug-of-war, a bunch go down and die. Well, in one of the loosing groups, where they fall to their death, there is one person that is mangled but still alive. The undercover cop is there putting bodies into the black boxes with the deep pink bows. He sees the mangled body but he/she is still alive, he’s shocked, so a manager or soldier tells him something like “Do your job” . He then puts the mangled but still alive person into a box and as the boxes are about to leave he takes something out of his pocket, – piece of chalk maybe, and draws onto the outside (lower corner/are right side/ bottom) of the box a cross. No one has ever mentioned this in any spoiler/Easter egg type video. I’ve been wondering WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT. Please let me know. Thank you, Ms. Pamela A. A. A.

  24. This show was no surprise. It played out like was supposed to. Watch for the game parts. Watched one episode with a friend in the middle. With that already know what was going to happen

  25. Thanks for the interesting clues. I think you missed the biggest clue, when the front man spoke to his boss (off screen to viewers), he told the front man to meet the VIPs instead of him being the host because he wanted to be part of the game – no fun just watching”. So at this point, we know the boss is one of the players. Also, the scene that showed him taking his mask off was an old man hand. Old man hand is very distinctive, age spots and wrinkly. Plus the clue you mentioned, he somehow managed to hide and climb all the way to the top of bed frames to make a speech completely avoided everyone was killing everyone. Actually these 3 clues were very clever and consistent. It’s worth watching again just to spot the cleverness of it all. I would suggest start thinking about the front man (brother of detective), re watch his rental room, lots of interesting clues for the next episode to come. He won in 2015 already, why did he go back and how he become the front man? Fascinating.

  26. You're theories or the old man… you really don't get it? The main characters what's his face gushes in kind gestures towards the guy. Defends him constantly. Even chooses him for a game when he's pretty sure it's gonna kill him. You're a dummy son..

  27. His tug of war strategy didn’t work and it’s clear he didn’t know the games

    I mean if you saw the show you would know this

  28. Korean show is too dramatically overacting crap, which really will never be liked by all, squid game is decent and trashy if you asked me

  29. After 2nd watch, I think in the midst of il-nam wanting to participate for fun before his imminent death, he also had a revelation for who his successor will be after his death. Might explain the symbolism of him giving 456 his 001 jacket, the bond he cherished, the reason he basically stalked him & ran into him at that store, the final game/wager to prove they both are the same, etc

  30. He also didn’t have locks on his cuffs during the tug of war, when the scene is shown once his team is victorious, and they’re lying down as he smiles, you can see everyone has locks on their cuffs except for Il-nam

  31. I wonder if the games are programmed for Il-nam not to die no matter what or if there is a small possibility that he may accidentally die.

  32. i had my speculations but all I needed to see was the back of his head wearing the mask, it was too easy. Should have left that scene out and I might have been surprised.

  33. Everyone dressed like Kazuma before his isekai.

  34. The moment he started talking to “player 001” I looked over at my boyfriend and said he is in charge isn’t he? Then during red light green light I said the same thing. Lol the only time he tricked me was when he pushed the red x, but during tug of war I knew he was in charge. No one that old with that much spirit and plastic surgery work is a broke man. He was there for fun. And when you didn’t see him die like all the other characters I was certain. I loved it though.

  35. Why is no one pointing out that during the marble game, when Il-nam had his last marble, for the deciding round, he pretended to walk off in dementia so he could find a more hidden place, somewhere he could slip away unseen. Somewhere he could stay behind pretending to be shot.

  36. The old man is my favorite character from squid game. The actor played a Buddhist master in another movie, let me try to find it

  37. the first part isn’t true. the room changed as the games went along

  38. Another clue was before the marbles game, he was hiding away trying to be the odd man out. I think he planned on not being selected so that he could walk away and everyone would assume he got killed. However, once he got selected, he improvised and made sure that Gi-Hun would win.

  39. The squid game is all about our real life game… Love, affection, mercy, sex, guilty, gratitude, disgraceful, Intelectual, over desire, etc. We living it!

  40. My theory is that the glass hopping game was monitored by Il-Nam’s friends so it would be too obvious if he had to play this game (?)

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