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Squid Game Dalgona Challenge in Music (Live MIDI Art)

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  1. ummmm…….. ik thas squid game but it looks a lot like the tattoos the kids got in the netflix sho The Umbrella Academy

  2. You would automatically win the prize pool, cause nobody else would have this talent.

  3. I never thought I'd become a green light machine for squid games.

  4. Dude the umbrella shape is just perfection

  5. Your mastertracks probably look like scenic panoramas

  6. This is in Season 2 Squid it has to be

  7. This sounds like a theme from a creepy uncanny Japanese horror game

  8. i love all of your shorts my guy you deserve 2.5M subs for the hard work you put in for these midi arts

  9. You need to do the soundtrack for a Netflix show stat. I bet you'd shine doing a suspenseful mystery type show.

  10. i thought that this was an umbrella academy reference lmao

  11. In the ending that doll appears in right side

  12. Looks like the umbrella academy to me

  13. Even if you can’t see the beast doesn’t mean it isn’t inside

  14. Thought it was the umbrella academy logo for a second.

  15. If this challenge was in series, nobody would alive instead of you. And you would brake a time record of winning jackpot:)

  16. Am I only one who wondering how is cookie sounds?

  17. Great 👍👍👍
    What midi controller is it?

  18. I love how you turned into the doll from the episode RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT.

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