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|| Squid Game Characters React to their futures ||

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  1. this made me cry so can y'all say happy birthday to my lola plz it is her birthday

  2. if racism ok i take your arm away really got me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I love show squid game it was it was good

    violent boodly

  4. i love the part when some of them fall in the glass thing and you were like- "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY" i was like laughing hard i saw my cat looking at me like im sus and he was like- "im out of here i dont know why i have a weird creepy owner" BAI-

  5. Gi-hun: So the guards are humans just like us!?
    Me: Ya, What did you think they were? ALIENS?

  6. You all know why the main character never dies and always a twist of some sort and all side characters that joined is dead in most theirs some idiots and bullies how many shows movies series I talking bout that has those comment movies shows and series with those 😜

  7. I hate you for doing that to Ali I disliking

  8. when player 101 jumped off the bridge when he was running from people,he died the same way by falling off the bridge

  9. “I’ll take your hand away” killed me 😭

  10. Imagine toilet task girl and snake boi fell onto the stronger piece of glass infront of everyone XD

  11. Gi-hun dus not have brown hair he has black hair

  12. Ali’s family thought he abandoned them
    Sang-woo’s mom thought he never wants to talk to her
    Sae-byeok’s brother thought she left him
    Which is very sad

  13. THIS AIN'T AMERICA BABY~~~~~~~~~~~~ >shoots someone<

  14. Season 1 episode 6 spoiler


  15. Gi-Hun: so the guards are humans like us?!
    Me: do you expect them to be aliens? Robots? Dinosaurs?

  16. • Lunar Gacha Wolf Pack • #losingsubs says:

    Okay but ur I’d is uustbadorableee

  17. I just realized, Ali asks sang woo to take care of his family and sang woo doesn’t tell go hun about Ali’s family, just his

  18. I loved the part where it went "If you think racism is ok I take your hand away"🤣

  19. Gi hun recognized the girl so thats in acurate

  20. The girl who paired with sae byeok in marbles I feel so bad she said she asked to go to jeju island with her til she died I feel so bad 😭

  21. The character don't look like the original on3

  22. I agree that Ali is the best person in the show🤝🏻👑👑

  23. Why is player 067 look like player 240

  24. why does sae look Iike ji yeong

  25. I found out ho's the new front man iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits,Gi-hun

  26. "If you think that rasicm is okay, I take your hand away 😌💅"

  27. New the black person in squid game under this

  28. I just noticed red light green light killed 255 people in squid game

  29. Of course they tell you how many people die as soon as I just said that 255 people died

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