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Squid Game, but it’s MEDIEVAL! Pink Soldiers/Way Back Then – BARDCORE REMIX

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Squid Game Medley [Medieval Bardcore Version]

Mine own medieval, fantasy orchestra presents Pink Soldiers and Way Back Then from Squid Game (Netflix) for the enjoyment of medieval knights, ladies in medieval castles and medieval bards across the taverns throughout the medieval world.

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Original Song: “Pink Soldiers” from Squid Game, Netflix
Original Artist: 23
Writer: 23

Original Song: “Way Back then” from Squid Game, Netflix
Original Artist: jung jaeil
Writer: jung jaeil

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  1. This theme fits very well into this format. Due to the simplicity of the theme of just percussion and wind.

  2. Sounds like a marching band on the way to war, very cool!

  3. Are these real instruments, or was everything just created electronically?

  4. Thee will be playing scarlet lantern, green lantern. Thee are allowed to move forward whence “it” shouts out, “green lantern,” stop whence “it” shouts, “red lantern.” if thy movement is detected afterward, thee will be eliminated.

  5. Darn I lost, I now owe my life and all my copper to thee king

  6. I have lost thine squid game at least I can listen to this banger

  7. "If thou shall cheat, thou shall suffer grave penalty"… Hidden archers standing by ready to penalize.

  8. gonna use this in my dnd games thank you so much

  9. Second Part sounds like it belongs in a Wes Anderson movie…

  10. Squire game, wherein the desperate put their lives on the line in hopes of winning great sums of silver and gold.

  11. You just made my weekend 1,000 better. This is absolutely perfect.

  12. When the Side Quest is harder than the Main Quest

  13. Chief Keef – Don’t like, would be 🔥

  14. I think that the bard of bards should cover Peter Steel, a man of few hours, and many great knee slappers.

  15. Joseon Dynasty has a weird form of entertainment

  16. Would you please do Remember the Name by fort minor? It would sound so epic in mideval form

  17. When you owe the lord of the manor one groat

  18. Player moves
    Gets shot by an arrow

  19. I'm surprised how well these work in this style

  20. When you have to find a way to pay your dept with your neighboring kingdom:

  21. When you play the squid game you either win or you die their is no in between

  22. 1. Red candle green candle
    2. Honey slaughter
    3. Rope of faith and strength
    4. Bridge of life and death
    5. Defender of castle VS The siege leader
    (Remind me of mistakes pls)

  23. Squid game would fit perfectly to medieval times to please Kings.

  24. 0:34 Imagine your just chilling in your castle and then your enemy just starts playing this song while decending down the hill to your castle.

  25. Can you do box of sharp objects by the used?¿!

  26. Where people wanting money to cure the plague goes:

  27. "thou shall be playing be playing moon and sun."

  28. I need 'True Light' by Sunichi Miyamoto like a medieval song!

  29. When you get visitors from the silk road

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