squid game, but it's a mrbeast video - squidgame.quest

squid game, but it’s a mrbeast video

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  1. Who else saw the thumbnail and thought mr beast already posted the squid game vid 😅

  2. He said he will recreate the show if he reach 10 mil likes in tik tok,and it's almost 12 million likes🤣

  3. Anyone here after his Squid Game?

  4. "But before we start the game, I want to talk to you about our sponsor."

  5. Those who watched Squid Game but don't know Mr.Beast: ._.

  6. Can we just try to grasp the concept of how he says they can use their hands, but the game that they have to win involves using their hands heavily.

  7. haven't watched it yet but by the title it HAS TO BE GOOD

  8. The funny thing is that he is actually going to recreate it

  9. 👆I received $2500 giveaway to my cash app this morning from him 👆👆

  10. Mamamatay ka ba tata wag ko sabi ko police

  11. EpiclyBlueberry: " Don't take it seriously "

    MrBeast: " Ha " " I will take it seriously "

  12. Hay i want to go with mr.beast what ever he took. In any situation. I need a sponcer for my life. It stop 🥺🥺 plz mr. Beast

  13. Fun fact mr beast is makeing squid game in IRL

  14. 🏳️‍🌈The real Michael Afton🏳️‍🌈 says:

    I mean it’s going to be cannon soon


  16. This is what is gonna heppen When mrbeast post squid game and it will only be tug of war and not showing the game

  17. Hahaha you got me, I thought it was real

  18. Please come to India in bhopal please please

  19. My dear wants to play squid game and me too I am 7 years old and my Tia has 33

  20. I'm going to tell you my location 9590

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