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Squid Game But In VR | Rec Room

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Today we are checking out Squid Game in Rec Room VR! Join us as we make our way through the deadly games you see in the Netflix series!


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  1. The slowness bug is just slight controller drift… you can fix this by just holding the moving button. Its the same thing for wall running

  2. Guys, I wanna say here, I'm not a fan of squid game. I watched it and its not my cup a tea, I say this here on the Boethiah cause i know if i say it somewhere else I'll get cancelled. Cheers mates. Also loved this video Boe!

  3. What’s the game name? I know it’s squid game but like who is the creator of it

  4. Unpopular opinion:

    Squid game is overhyped

  5. I Am Working On A Squid Game Remake With New Minigames And Instead Of It being call squid game it will be octopus game!

  6. Boe remember at film academy jay hit you with the fish and said ohh boethiahhhh

  7. WHY why didn’t you make a video of how to join squid game in REC ROOM WHY

  8. Got finished with squid game. This popped up while I was watching it

  9. Thanks for playing my game Boe!
    First RecFallGuys and now this!

  10. Slat is definitely the boyfriend of the ASMR voice lady from RR Weekly

  11. Why is there amoung us music in the beginning?

  12. Ngl I thought I was watching the original when watching this

  13. Can you tell me the name of this remake of squid game

  14. Can you be robot and how to become staff

  15. I got a squid game ad on this game when I clicked the video

  16. How do you get the guns in red light green light

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