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Splatoon – A Quest to a Squid Party

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Hello guys!

Here’s a small video about a random person I met online who started squid partying with me.
I had a blast so that’s why I made a small video.

Also, if you try to do a squid party with me there’s 99% of chances that I’ll squid party with you.

The instrumental version of this song :


  1. Everyone hates it when im squid partying (besides two of meh friends)

  2. im a level 48 and its so hard to find someone to squid party ;;

  3. Awesome! I see you speak french too? What's your Miiverse account?

  4. Every time i squid party people never squid arty me they splat me ;-;

  5. Wanna join squid party user name;christa Oh and we are the three sisters that play on the wii u

  6. Meanwhile there's me who is to scared to start a squid party, because no one will probably join. ;-;

  7. I squid party with random people too. 🙂 also I did this thing we're I would dress up like a certain outfit then have a slosher and finally would squid party with random people in turf wars. and I counted what types of battles got to squid party out of ten. it was 4 squid partied with me, and 6 did not. 4:6

  8. hey I need party squids add if you want to
    nnid Ranger831
    just if you want too

  9. Je sais que tu parle francais et c de la pure merde

  10. I'm level 32 and no one's squid partying with me ;-; my name is dümya at first I hated them but I understand the meaning of squid parties ❤

  11. I'm laughing so hard I don't know why 😂😂😂

  12. If I ever encounter you (which will probably never happen ) I will make sure I use all my squid love on you
    (>_<)/ I HAVE TO USE MY SQUID LOVE!!!! X')

  13. Nobody squid party with me, everyone splat me😳

  14. I once got the whole opposing team to squid party with me, but the team I was on was still trying to kill them…

    good times

  15. Oooh un squid-bagger qui parle français. :"DD
    Ce genre de chose m'arrive tout le temps. :v

    (( Mais euh.. Comment se fait-il que tu aies "Excellent !" au lieu de "Jolie !" ?! ))

  16. Quelle est la musique a la fin de votre vidéo ?
    Je la trouve génial !

  17. I remember when I got so many people to squid party that the whole room was doing it. It was awesome. THEN, the new are rotation appeared… And I lost all of them… ;-;

  18. I will try to bring back squid party who's with me!?

  19. Once I joined a random server that had squid partiers and everyone on my team was squid partying until I lost connection a million times…

  20. After a long day of upgrading gear/ earning coins, Squid Parties are really nice to find!

  21. Squid parties are my absolute FAVOURITE thing to do in turf war. Once I got 3 ppl on my team and 3 ppl on the other team to party at the same place, that was so much fun. If anyone wants to party I'll happily tell u my NNID!!!

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