Splatoon 3 SpringFest Splatfest! Team Li'l Bunnies with Viewers! #Shorts - squidgame.quest

Splatoon 3 SpringFest Splatfest! Team Li’l Bunnies with Viewers! #Shorts

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Splatoon 3’s SpringFest Splatfest is finally here, with some nice decorations in Splatsville, Inkopolis Plaza and Inkopolis Square present as well!

The teams this time around are “It’s spring! Which fuzzy fluffiness do you like the most? Baby Chicks, Li’l Bunnies, or Bear Cubs?

I am going to be playing for all 3 teams! This stream, I will be playing for Team Li’l Bunnies!

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  1. I’m On Lil Bunnies Team On Springfest!

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