SPAMMING BOOGIE IS PRETTY GOOD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds -

SPAMMING BOOGIE IS PRETTY GOOD! – Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds – A couple of golden Boogie Monsters and you’re good to go!
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  1. 12:35 Why the FU** did he sell the Golden Monkey!?!?!?!? It only exists as a Golden card, so his Duo would have given him two golden cards!!!!!

  2. Today's Fact: The 'Chupacabra' is a mythical creature that reportedly attacks and drains the blood of livestock in the Americas, with no clear evidence for its existence.

  3. Seeing the investment for so much in the game into cards like rylak that did nothing at all for him hurts so much

  4. LMAO Kripp played like absolute TRASH this game… worse than normal (which already is kinda weak compared to other streamers) lol

  5. It was fun, but that low roll lobby, turn 17 win with such low stats.

  6. Me watching him go all in on Boogie: this is gonna be the most clown shoes build yet
    Me watching the last ten minutes: I doubted his genius.

  7. The amount of magnetic he had hurt coulda been a great mech run

  8. Havent even pulled a mech build once. Forces the highroll build too much, they are actually pretty good.

  9. Game gives him a full mech build, he skips over most magbetic mechs.. gosh, he is clearly no longer interested in this game.

  10. 0:57 Skipperino Kripperino.
    I stopped having interest in Hearthstone but it hurts me that Kripparrian is not at 1M subs yet on YouTube.

  11. The video shoulve strtd with creep choosing the first boogie

  12. In higher elo if you want to play a build like this, you need to use cards that actually like buffs, such as the naga that doubles it stats, a horse, really any divine shield or cleave minion, that sort of thing.

  13. If you didn't already, please share this necromancer build. Thank you

  14. Is it just me or is kripp slowly getting worse and worse?

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