Somewhere beyond the Sea : Subnautica -

Somewhere beyond the Sea : Subnautica

Francis John
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So the target is 1400 meters below sea level. We don’t have the necessary equipment yet… but I think we will find what we are looking for as we go deeper. It just occurred to me that maybe this is the bottom of this cave system and I have to go to a different cave to find the 1400 meter alien base! Well I suppose I will find out soon enough.

Devs Discription:
Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more – all while trying to survive.

Credits song – Point Being – Go By Ocean _ Ryan McCaffrey


  1. I started playing this game after I saw you playing it. I also made a base at exact the same spot as you point out at 43:21.

  2. It's so much fun to watch your way in dealing with Leviathans. My prefered method to with them is the prawnsuit with jumpjet Upgrade and bare fists. They do a lot of damage and it feels so good to punch them in a real fight

  3. 34:21 If you have the basic claw on the Prawn suit you can pick up the smaller ones without hopping outside.

    Also if you haven't you should scan the green stuff.

  4. 48:14 The base game scalding treshold is 50C. Once you find the databox for <spoiler hidden>, your can craft an item to increase your scalding temp to <spoiler hidden>. This tech is not mandatory to complete the game, just make plenty of health packs to deal with any scalding damage you get

  5. Drill-less mech can grab things with its arms, and also punch which does good damage
    Plus it's very healthy, it can tank a bunch of leviathan bites

    And to hop back onto the sub, just grapple onto the hatch

  6. I think you missed Wracks that hold the blueprints for the enhanced diving suite and vortex torpedo

  7. Tonight Only at the Rainbow's End night club – The Village People singing "In The Navy"…

  8. should try to get a cyclops thermal reactor module so that you cant just park it near a vent and have it charge while you explore

  9. I'm avoiding spoilers, but, on several occasions you looked right at a large, bright blue tree, off in the distance, across from your base, and didn't feel inclined to investigate? Avoiding spoilers, but, the bright blue tree may be worth checking out. A scanner room may be a help here too, to locate points of interest. 🙂
    The depth you are at now, is usually as deep as I go in the Cyclops, as I've lost several of them going deeper, so I just use the Prawn Suit as it's far more agile and can go places the Cyclops can not.

  10. That creature egg in the degassi base is very unique. you should incubate it. You incubate eggs by throwing them into a habitat in the base.
    Lantern tree is a great fuel source for a bioreactor.
    They didnt all die in the seabase. you previously found barts last message – on the Island.
    You never tried the Large Room. you might want to try them once, expensive but far better than the multipurpose room.
    A little surprise that the first message hasn't been triggered yet. Did I miss it in a previous episode?

  11. "Aaaah Rainbow's End, The Night Club in the Sea." 😆😆😆 ur Killing me bro

  12. "large tit mass" beacon right at the start… I'm a child.

  13. Francis to Ghost leviathan: I'm not trapped here with you, you are trapped here with me!

  14. 5:20 There's literally a spectrum of colors in a rainbow. Usually with 4 you pick red, yellow, green, blue. What you don't pick is magenta, a color that is not even in the rainbow.

  15. Needs to build the cyclops thermal reactor then all you need to do is park on a thermal vent and recharge everything

  16. almost having a heart attack, yeap that's subnautica.

  17. trying to avoid spoilers: shouldn't he found the battery upgrades and suit upgrade already?

  18. "large tit mass" – I think you need to see a doctor about that.

  19. Ah if only you installed the thermal reactor module in the cyclops. Just self charges near those vents…

  20. 8 thermo plants ~65C is enough to fully power a scan room, 4 desalinators while also recharging batteries, power cells and doing some processing.

  21. I'd drop beacons at recharge bases, and NOT dismantle them, honestly.

  22. I did exactly the same thing, in nearly the same spot with the moonpool haha. I'm like right ahead of you in my playthrough, thought I'd play at the same time as you this time around =)

  23. heh, when i played Subnautica i didn't kill anything except food.

  24. 34:43 the PoG needs a "free hand". Either remove drillagm or grappling hook 👍

  25. you should try out a large room instead of a multipurpose room. its very large

  26. Nooo, take the egg, it is special, but you will find one later in the cave you are going to.

  27. I wasn't sure how I'd like this series but damn it's one of the best!

  28. QoL – there is a connector structure to connect cyclops to the base and charge it directly

  29. I bought this game because of Francis.
    Even though a ton of spoilers, I still enjoy it like I know nothing about it. Thank You Francis.

  30. Recommend you re-read the PDA entry on alien facilities.

  31. If the knife takes too long, use the Prawn Suit with no arm upgrades equipped. The raw punching does a ton of damage. Plus, it's fun to punch Leviathans.

  32. you are missing an upgrade on your prawn suit that you should have already unlocked, its called the prawn suit jump jet upgrade, you craft it at the vehicle upgrade station in the moonpool, it greatly improves the prawn suit's jetpack

    edit- clearly i need to finish watching the video before commenting

  33. Sir Francis John, I was of the many that commented on how you shouldn't "stream" Outer Wilds because of your "style". Don't get us wrong, we all love your style, but I thought it wouldn't fit. I'm proud to say I was wrong. The way you handled Subnautica tells me you can make it work. That said, Outer Wilds is a game that most defenitely benefit a blind playthrough. I hope to see you engage with it some day. Much love. ♥

  34. No scanner room in the new base? That's surprising.

  35. I love how you build scanners in the middle of nothing but next to some weird alien strutures with more power than you probably would know what to do with, you're like "naaah, let's not waste time on scanners" lol

  36. When I played I was always on slowest speed minding the noise as much as possible. Meanwhile Francis goes as fast as he wants except with breaks to kill all the local wildlife. I think me crawling along at a snail's pace got to my destination faster.

  37. Literally look for new Subnautica videos every few hours

  38. Will the radio start rolling in the deep again?

  39. I thought I was hot s*** taking on the Leviathan with the prawn suit only to watch Francis swim up to it with a knife.

  40. At 10:30, you can park the cyclops lower so you don't have to jump as high, just saying…

  41. You can use the default arm on the prawn to pick up stuff safely

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