SMG4: If Mario Was In.... SQUID GAME -

SMG4: If Mario Was In…. SQUID GAME

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Mario and the SMG4 crew all end up in Squid Game and their friendships are TRULY put to the test.

CREDITS TO WEEGEEPIE for the Squid Game maps!
CREDITS TO Jared Carey for the Squid Game Cover!

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  1. Can Mario at least maybe make a PS5 sale if all the PS5s are just all too much?

  2. 5:38 who the hell made this character had me out of this world XD

  3. But something is totally garbage spidey dead but must be isnt dead because he have spider senses and can save him from bullets now must be remake this animation

  4. The marbles game was the ultimate anime batreyal this century

    And for the glass bridge, they should've just looked for the tempered glass

  5. ㅡㄷ 두ㅊ무새 디 퍙대 / me encanto el video / good video.

  6. During the glass Bridge game meggy contracted Jaundice

  7. Or if Mario was in Splatoon three

  8. murder drone n just killing bob and mario walking away like nothing ever happend

  9. 아니 근데 한국어 자막은 양심적으로 넣어줘야죠!!

  10. Glitchy you never fail to make me laugh thanks for entertaining me for all these years

    Especially because you are way better than a certain other YouTube or who deserves the karma he’s getting now

  11. An idea: If mario was in pokemon.

  12. Sich teil fleißig rührt geht Ururenkel türk für ru für neue rii📲

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