Season of Discovery: Phenomenal Phase 3 Patch Notes -

Season of Discovery: Phenomenal Phase 3 Patch Notes

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Very interesting choices made here, i think incursions will brake.

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0:00 Kaghoe Dragons
0:09 Introduction
0:40 Like, Comment, & Subscribe
0:55 Duel Spec Dwarf
1:45 Patch Note Breakdown
11:35 Final Thoughts
12:45 Conclusion


  1. WSG rep with ashenvale stops at revered

  2. Dual spec in IronForge at the forlorn cavern.

  3. Enhance is feeling pretty good atm. We’re just not gods anymore. Kinda like these changes.

  4. Shaman tanks should have to take more damage but be able to put out more damage than an average tank,that should be the trade off there

  5. My WSG grind feels like it was for nothing 😢 why did I suffer when I could have waited to be spoon-fed

  6. Nerf shamans further into the dirt! That’s what I say!

  7. Love your content. Great overview of the patch notes. Stoked for phase 3!!

  8. Half a level left to get my warrior to 40 tonight and get my mount at least before p3 drops.
    Let's go!

  9. Lake of fire seems viable still. Obvious nerf to the application but it does more dmg now. Locks could channel it while a tank gathers mobs to be there when it finishes channeling.

  10. I'm glad shadow got so much love but i dont see why smite priest is to much to ask for when mages are healing and warlocks are tanking.

  11. Duel Wield/2h sham tank was the only reason i played SoD and this change has made me quit. Did 1 Gnomer run and shield sham feels like the worst experience of my life. There is no world where these are good changes and they ruined the only good thing about SoD. If bliz wants me to use a shield, make raids do more dmg so we swap for shield on fights it is needed. Runes are in the game to be swapped at will, but what is the point if tank is locked to a useless shield. Also, threat went down the toilet. Even with another sham putting Spirit of the Alpha on me I can barely hold a boss when i used to be able to hold entire packs with Lava Lash equipped, now i am lucky if Molten Blast does anything in the threat dept. 0/10 change. Sham tank is supposed to be new and not reskinned warrior or pally. I thought I would have a blast for SoD even beyond lvl 60, but now I am gone and SoD is dead.

  12. Literally says “I don’t know why warlocks caught these nerfs” and than proceeds to say warriors and shaman should have to trade off damage if they want to tank. There’s your reason

  13. So i did warsong for nothing, its given for free now..

  14. as someone who raided on a warlock, im happy to see lake of fire gone.

    it was a random button that interrupted our normal rotation. Yes, the damage was great, but god was it awful to weave that in.

    now that we get bloodlust from conflag itll be NO PROBLEMO to switch

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