Roots of Pacha - Let's Play Ep 13 -

Roots of Pacha – Let’s Play Ep 13

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We’ve invited some friends to stay on the farm!


  1. Watching him confirms why i never play these games with a controller it is such a mess it annoys me just watching it.^^ He should just press on the Accessories well he skipped more stamina for now.^^

  2. Nice to have rain for that massive field of crops. Looking great! 💜

  3. Many of the plants/harvestable items will be needed for healing, when you get critters, if they get sick. Might want to keep a few.

  4. Interesting that prehistoric people apparently have writing (or, at least, a number system).

  5. A bunch of people are streaming Zelda. Thankful for something else! 🙂

  6. Dried is better for more money, smoked for increased stamina.

  7. The currency is Contribution Points. Try Beach fishing all day & night, take food to eat, and then Dry (not smoke) all the fish and put in the box.

  8. Rain days are good days to mine because you don't have to water and you don't hear/see the rain.

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