ROBLOX The Mimic Book 2 (CHAPTER 2 "Jealousy") [Full Walkthrough] -

ROBLOX The Mimic Book 2 (CHAPTER 2 “Jealousy”) [Full Walkthrough]

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  1. The mimic called all "horror games" a noob in one update 🗿

  2. 23:11 this song is just-
    Its so perfect ❤✨😩
    Does anyone know what the name of it??

  3. The fact i noticed are brother who was ill is now one of them

  4. landing on the boat is no joke the funniest thing the mimic has ever done fr

  5. it just got released a day ago y'all already making walkthroughs, damnn

  6. why was bro taking so many screenshots 💀

  7. I was honestly really enjoying this chapter. It was insanely well done and it definitely did have a lot of references. But that aside, it was a masterpiece.

  8. Hi, quick question …. Does anyone know how to get pass the memory part where the monster jumps up and the goes back down … where you climb up the beams.. anyways I play on my Xbox and I’m not sure how to click the buttons to match the memory game. Does anyone know?

  9. A question. Is enzukai male or female? Cause i thought it was male but at the end senzai refers to it with "sama" at the end if i hear correctly, and it is a japanese word for women.

  10. in 32:08 the game literaly turns into an overcooked life and death

  11. how do you do the coded door part cuz i dont understand a single thing

  12. Oh boy
    Time to suffer a lot on this new chapter (in Normal Mode not Nightmare Mode)

  13. I genuinely love this Chapter, it really gives me Little Nightmares vibes in the first half, especially the parts where you gotta hide inside cages and solve the codes, while a long lanky dude constantly snoops around and kills you, tho i found a good strategy where one person would be bait and one would solve the codes, because for some reason the monster just gets satisfied with one meal lol. the parts where you find the notes is literally Slender: The Eight Pages fr too. The boss fight at the end was ok but i wish they made a separate button for shooting because on mobile just touching the screen automatically shoots the cannons and wont let me aim before like wasting 2 cannon balls.

  14. Itz easy for the flesh eating hall just don't step on the glass and leaves
    And for meat hunt u can also crouch in corners so the bKC monster doesn't see u if u stand in the corner it will not work

  15. Mimic hired japanese voice actor?
    nearly like anime

  16. guys there is a secret room in mimic….i might be the first one to discover it lol,the room is kinda interesting

  17. Dont step on the shattered glass on the first part

  18. For some reason on 5:54 it kinds of reminds me little nightmares those pigs things

  19. Biggest tip of all on chases : NEVER. LOOK. BACK.
    Also new players saying "OMG I CANT CROUCH HELP!" If your on mobile theres a button I think, but if ur on pc hold CRTL or just click ";" and then go to controls > crouch then set it to C! 😀

  20. is no one talking about when he monster is eating Kacperos was standing on the couch and then when he look at it it was t=posing

  21. and the monster that is eating the dead bodies i would tell that the monster name is kappa it is a urban legend where its like a turtle but walks like an human and they eat people when there in a river but idk if which river will the kappa will wait for a human to eat

  22. or maybe im wrong beacuse kappa do live in rivers but the kappa that was eating dead bodies was actually not kappa i was wrong beacuse the kappa do has hair but they have 1 bald spot on the middle

  23. im stuck on the meat part i cant find the last one

  24. are you an picture man LOL cause you keep picturing the monsters

  25. Bruh this dude see monsters and decided to take a pic

  26. The hardest part is the boss and cooking part

  27. help we js guessed our way through, how do we do 28:19 ? i kinda get it now but i need a clearer explanation pls

  28. Bro i speed run solo i lat than u 4s 😢😢😢😢

  29. Me and my friend just beat this it took us around 2 hours we are 13 lol it was tough

    LIKE when the monster is going to show up while you were doing a puzzle but is still not finish, How to stop it? so I can hide to the nearest Box?

  31. Yo steps sound like doors but faster

  32. Watashi tachi no kamisama ga tsukasadotteiru sekai. Enzukai.

  33. Я не понимаю как пройти этот код

  34. guys someone call the devs for mimc at cooking i wa trapped while i did the stuff and he kept giving me 5 more stuff to do

  35. this was really well done but I felt the originality was lacking and it was SO LONG especially for a game with no way of saving ur progress like imagine after 3 hours ur wifi cuts out

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