Real Squid Game for $10,000 - Game 1 -

Real Squid Game for $10,000 – Game 1

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This is the greatest real squid game of All Time
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  1. Tbh, I got happy when I saw you guys giving out masks for games that involve paintball guns. I remember years ago fousey tube was constantly being a jackass with paintball guns and never wearing a mask once.

  2. bro i got a physics test tomororw dont do dis

  3. Do we have a list of what creators were each player? I'd love to see who's who.

  4. Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Im sorry, but Charlie as a tiny, tiny front man is so funny to me.

  6. a rich man watching squid game and his takeaway being "yeah that looks fun to host"

  7. This is actually very corny and a little cringe

  8. this looks like the netflix version of squid games

  9. Out of all the "Squiad Games Irl" videos, yours is the best Charlie. 🙂 .. Np. Just a fellow runescaper spittin that TRUTH!

  10. The crazy thing is that Charlie is like the front man, and it's crazy cause I feel like I know Charlie so well, even though i've never actually met him, but it's so weird to see like him have actual people and a crew help me with his crazy shanenigans all while he's in charge lmao

  11. Join the bean clan show support by spreading the message

  12. Shout outs to the people who fell and stayed there the whole time

  13. i respect everyone who fell to the ground when they got shot instead of just walking away 😂

  14. Really tho dont point even paintball guns a inch away from someones eye please.

  15. I’m rooting for 13. I swear, he’s the main character.

  16. Did this take place underground on Charlie’s private island? I assume this everytime I see him outside of his room

  17. I was happy seeing some commit and fall over dead instead of just walking off, that's boring.

  18. Every masterpiece (this) has its cheap copy (mrbeast squid game)

  19. the whole point of the show went right over your head huh?

  20. I can’t believe they made a TV show based off this video

  21. Who's here after Mrbeast's squidgame video?

  22. Charlie: Low budget Squid Game
    Mr. Beast: High Budget Squid Game

  23. Damn. Mrbeast really shit on everyone else’s squid game vids 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Now this is officialy the "we have squid game at home" after mrbeast uploaded

  25. I just saw the Mr Beast squidgame and it was better in my opinion

  26. Everyone: gets eliminated during from red light green light
    Charlie: cries moistly

  27. 0:53 "Let's fuckin' ride, let's get wacky"
    I wish the front man actually said that before red light green light

  28. i wish we got like little side interviews to see how the contestants were feeling

  29. Without roblox death sound and JimWool this isn't a SquidGame

  30. Never thought pooh shiesty would participate in squid games

  31. Charlie looks like a middle schooler with an edgy halloween costume on

  32. I can’t believe this already came out about a year ago

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