PlayStation Showcase saved by Spider-Man 2 -

PlayStation Showcase saved by Spider-Man 2

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PlayStation finally got around to holding their big games showcase but it ended up leaving a lot of fans and critics underwhelmed. We have the whole scoop and a quick recap of the highlights right here in this week’s Roundup.

In other news; Alan Wake 2 will be digital only, The Embracer Group might be in trouble, and The Prince of Persia Remake is starting over.

This week’s comment section gets away from all the weird things gamers do to make their games work and instead focuses on fantasy casting. The Coming Soon section has some ports, a couple of new titles, and Street Fighter 6!

Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!

00:00 – PlayStation Showcase saved by Spider-Man 2
04:33 – Alan Wake 2 will be digital only
05:46 – The Embracer Group takes a huge hit
07:02 – The Prince of Persia Remake is starting over
08:22 – In the Comments
09:54 – Coming Soon

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  1. They did wait a long time. But they didn't hype up the showcase they only gave us one week. the showcase was ok. They are definitely holding another one later in the year

  2. Could not care less about Spiderman, all I want is Dragon's Dogma 2

  3. The only thing that I'm excited for from the PS showcase is the mgs 3 remake and the mgs collection (the fact it says Vol 1 also excites me). I'll definitely be playing 3 for the 2nd time in the collection and the 3rd time in the remake.

  4. DRAGON's DOGMA getting it's Sequel made the entire showcase for me. I had been waiting 10+ years for this! + Spiderman looked cool but to be expected.

  5. I had a great time watching, a bunch of titles i'm looking forward to 🙂

  6. We need to stop shaming people for how they use their tongue.

  7. Why are so many people doing so many crazy things to try fixing a scratched disc? Has anyone tried taking care of the disc so it doesn't get scratched in the first place?

  8. Will poulter as link and Dakota fanning as princess Zelda in a live action Legend of Zelda movie with Joaquin Phoenix as Ganon .

  9. I say yes morgan freedom as link that would be so funny I mean if the little mermaid can be black why not him 😅

  10. Everyone knows a games only good if it's exclusive lmao how dumb

  11. You guys are dope… want more news from you guys/gals

  12. Ok… yall need to report on this AC6 news. People have been struggling to buy the game for weeks, months even. Pre-orders have gone on and off multiple times now and Bandai Namco has had no answers or response to why their site is doing this. It's so bad, people are trying all sorts of things to see if they can purchase the game (and collectors editions are already so limited… 😢)

  13. So, no reason to take my PS5 out of the box for yet another year.

  14. PARKER! What did I Tell you?, Get me More Pictures of SPIDER MAN! — PlayStation Showcase. 😂

  15. This video made me realize Inside Gaming is feeling more and more like the glory days. Keep it up guys. I miss this feeling.

  16. Generational gap; hosts don't get the (possible) 10 Things I Hate About You reference of just being "whelmed" even when they basically completed the line 😂

  17. The Showcase was great, and that's not Venom, thats Symbiote Spidey

  18. That's why they do not enter E3. Scarred to show gameplay

  19. Question, how would we recognise the "inside gaming crew" it changes every five minutes 😂

  20. No game exclusives from Sony this year maybe next year or 2025 😏

  21. This show was more exciting then most of the Sony showcase!

  22. People complained about the lack of Indie games in the last Playstion Show Case. This time Sony pays more respect to Indie developers and people complain about the lack of AAA games. This is why I think they should ignore the trolls and haters and just continue to do what they do best. Not every show case is gonna be a homerun, but they have enough players to keep them going without catering to every voice in the comment section.

  23. Just when I start calling him Jack instead of “not-the-Brian” he leaves……

  24. I would not call Alan Wake to a major release Alan Wake 1 was an Xbox 360 exclusive that did okay and this is kind of just proof that publishers/developers just want to control the market through digital which is dumb. Saying things like oh it's a way of keeping the cost down by not having to ship out of disc Yes it keeps your cost down but you still control the market on your game and it'll still be $50 5 years from now whereas a physical game eventually would be a lot cheaper. It gets tiring to see publishers trying to go towards this all digital future when physical is still thriving so well and people like collecting

  25. I went back and watched it again where I wasn't distracted and realized it wasn't as bad as it seemed. Yes foam stars looks like trash. Also I think a lot of single player people fear the multiplayer options down the stretch. But I think the main issue was lack of gameplay from the items that were of interest.

  26. Honestly the indie games looked pretty cool and I really don't care too much for PS5 exclusives because I still have to wait +3 to get it on PC.

  27. Timothee Chalamet as link
    The Rock as Ganon
    Halle Bailey as Zelda

  28. I can't wait to play all those PS5 showcase games on Game pass…

  29. Xbox has to throw shade, they have been the worst selling console 2 generations in a row…

  30. No. Mgs3 remake was a waveblast of hype. We knew spider man 2 was happening but mgs3 remake to be real was mind melting hype

  31. Spiderman didn't save shit, Spiderman is overrated baby cack

  32. Alan Wake 2 segment – I love having the physical copy as an artefact, expecially when it comes to something cartridges like on the Switch. I mostly play PC games and I think the last time I bought a physical copy was like 10 years ago. So I think it's perfectly fine to go digital-only in today's climate.

    Sad that physical stores lose from this though, I still like browing the shelves from time to time when I go out. Then again, I only browse to see if I want to buy and download something online later on when I get home…

  33. In a Zelda movie, wouldn't Link not talk much at all? You could have just about anyone play the role, so long as they say, "Heh, hya, haa, and guh."

  34. All these critics making a stink about missing AAA games while ignoring great looking indy and 3rd party games is peak toxic gamer chic. People cannot cry and lament over "rushed" releases and buggy games then turn right around and create a gaming media firestorm over "why isn't the sequel for (insert franchise here) doing a trailer/release date yet?" Folks need to learn some chill.

  35. prince of persia might just get a fan made RTX remaster with their new tools before ubisoft makes their remake

  36. Just want to watch and get my news not b part of ur lgbtqrstuv community IGN will u please bring back normal hosts tht r not part of lgbtq tnk u I don't need people with a mental disorder delivering my gaming news tnk u .

  37. IGN IS THE NEW G4 man tht sucks ued think they would have learned frome g4 they must want to loose there base to cause they just keep letting this LGBT guy report hey ign have u seen wat happend to bud light is it ur turn next get rid of those LGBT hosts or u will b next facts

  38. Boycott IGN for forcing LGBT down our throughts

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