Oculus Link WARNING! Squid Games VR, Horizon Worlds, Rocket League-Like VR Prototype (& Much More) - squidgame.quest

Oculus Link WARNING! Squid Games VR, Horizon Worlds, Rocket League-Like VR Prototype (& Much More)

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VR News Weekly Update! Squid Game VR, Lots of PCVR Games coming to Quest, a Rocket League archery prototype looks promising! Varjo tease some new Tech. Facebook Horizon Worlds announced with $10 million creator fund. New Games for Oculus Quest and much more!

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Intro: 0:00
Sponsor: 0:22
Squid Games VR: 1:21
CEO NOT Dead: 2:17
Swordsman VR Quest: 3:00
Tea for God Quest Store: 3:54
Canon Camera VR Lens: 5:00
Valve 2nd Place: 6:08
Horizon Worlds: 7:12
Varjo Reveal Tease: 8:36
Rocket League-like Archery VR : 9:46
Windows 11 Update Breaks Link: 10:38
Lone Echo 2: 11:35
Outro: 14:18

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  1. When I used the link for the course it's just the usual 15.99 not 9.99 please could you point me in the direction of the discount code or supply the dummy discount code.

  2. I can verify the windows 11 problems
    it's major frame drops CONSTANTLY I really thought it was my computer too

  3. oculus link has always been… interesting

  4. why would anyone even upgrade to windows 11 yet? thats fucking stupid

  5. There is also already a map on VRChat where you can play red light, green light with other people btw. 😀

  6. Any timeframe on Horizons? Or is it still "coming soon"?!

  7. Great video! I’m OcuLos410 in the Horizon Worlds video showing off “Intro to Horizon” and “NEW Horizon World Tours”. I’d love to give you a tour and a deeper look into what makes Horizon Worlds so special.

  8. Hi, This is Flutt3r from Horizon. I wanted to thank you for sharing this video of our worlds. Oculos410 has the World Tours and Intro to Horizon World Building and Scripting on Wednesdays. I hope you will you join us. Also; every Friday Night I host a free Meditation session. I created #Garden Gate Meditation.

  9. Is it just me or does virtual desktop look better than link or air link when using the Quest 2? I can’t get the air link to work with the specs VD runs on… I can’t find any definitive answers outside of my own testing 😂

  10. I was excited for horizons until I saw the graphics look worse than rec room…

  11. Does anyone know what happened to the sync media feature on the Quest 2? My headset is completely updated, and it worked for about a week, then all of a sudden I can sync photos or videos from my quest to the mobile app

  12. I like how Steve explained how to play red-light green-light by comparing it to the weeping angles in Dr. Who. I'll be sure to watch that episode with my three year old before teaching him red-light green-light.🤣

  13. I had these crazy stutters recently and I don't even use Windows 11. Air Link was unplayable. But VD worked fine as usual.

  14. If anyone is looking to get started in Horizon Worlds you will want to apply for the beta on the Oculus website. As of right now it’s North America only, hopefully we see it opening up more later this year after connect! ^_^ See you there! 🙂

  15. Maybe this not on the VR topic you were talking about, but I had to mention I made it to the third time line in Drop Dead, for me that's an achievement, but I think I don't play the game as much as I really want to because I don't want the game to end. It's so much fun. I know there is horde mode and I love that too, but still. I feel like I could have finished it a long time ago. Also, loving Tetris Effect. I finished it on my Playstation, but now finally doing it on the Quest. I figured I already beat the game, but I love Tetris and to be able to play anywhere in my home or anywhere really. Almost forgot, love your content and congratulations on becoming ambassador or whatever you call it to Oculus. I know you will make it to 100,000 subscribers, you're the best.

  16. I wonder how a merge/connection of Horizon and Nvidia Omniverse would be

  17. Squid game VR should be banned due to the traumatic nature which could affect ordinary life of the VR user. And it's from Japan.

  18. Steve, the CEO of varjo tweeted this launch is not just for companies.

  19. I'm not hanging out in a metaverse that looks more like a Wii game than an awesomely fantastical space to meet up with buds to go kick ass on a war torn planet or something. MOST of what is being created looks like sad wii games. It sucks. FB can't don't even have decent avatars for their own stuff. Ready Player 1 already told these companies what they should be trying for. Do that guys, don't try to recreate that cake, just try to create the recipe. Just get us that, we'll talk once we get there.

  20. mr steveknows i really want that sweatsuit your waering .ill pay for iti i freaking love it

  21. I did have windows 11 issues. Air link had issues wouldn't connect but kept trying to like stuck in a loop virtual desktop worked fine but had games like the walking dead saints and sinners not being able to find the controllers. Works fine for me now. No issues for me.

  22. I’d like to hear the story behind how you finessed that Starbucks mug…

  23. I knew it is smart to stay on Windows 10 for the time because 11 still sounds like paid beta.
    Other than that… make VR headsets cheaper and the Quest/2 will no longer be number one on Steam either.

  24. I also didnt know iVRy was a thing. Thats and amazing piece of software.

  25. This is the first time I loved the sponsor message because I was actually looking for a course for VR development. Thanks for Sharing

  26. I think you now have one of the best VR channels on you tube. So informative and fun to watch. Don't know why you're under 100k subs. But i'm sure it won't be long. Great work. Can't wait for lone echo 2, but so many good games out this month in non VR, i'm gonna have to reduce my work hours.

  27. horizon worlds will never work in my opinion. To claim that metaverse status, there has to be the same type of eco system the internet has. I think anything facebook does is going to be heavily gated, restricted, content censored, and will be a watered down version. basically restricted the way facebook and instagram is. Even the advertisement and its looks are similar to disney or pixar characters, or more aimed at a very "rated PG" audience. It won't work, calling it now. It literally looks like its for ages 16 and under. just my opinion though, we will see what happens. im throwing my bets on epic games and a few others making some serious leaps in the social/networking space in VR already.

  28. Tea for God is one of the most interesting vr experiences I've had thus far.

  29. Be amazing if Varjio did a comparable consumer device?
    Likely be something even more amazing for some obscene price that only the wealthy and big business can afford?
    Had Lone Echo for a while now and have played a few hours but can't say I'm a fan.
    It looks great and I don't regret purchasing it, but I don't find it that enjoyable so far.

  30. On the index becoming second in the steam hardware sale. Do you think part of the reason for the slow adoption is the lack of graphics cards that can run VR at a reasonable price?
    I'm sitting here with a GTX 980, waiting for graphics cards to come down to upgrade, and then I will consider the PC VR headsets on the market. But I'm not even looking at PC VR because of my current lack of hardware power.

  31. Never finished lone echo, it's like a good book. If I don't finish it, it doesn't have to be over. With 2 coming I might just do it.

  32. I had really bad stuttering on air link Win 11 last night. Today, I adjusted steam VR resolution to custom and set it about the same as Oculus resolution. The stuttering lowered to a more acceptable level. But it's still there, so I am waiting for a fix. I can't afford to pay for virtual desktop.

  33. To fix the windows 11 stuttering, you need to enable console visibility in debug tool, and keep that window on top at all times while using link. Fixed it for me completely.

  34. I wish they'd remake G-Police for VR, it'd be perfect

  35. omg squid game you mean squid game on netflix, that squid game, omg, squid game, best show ever, the netflix squid game, the squid game on netflix.

  36. god windows 11 is a mess
    first breaking performance on AMD cpus, now breaking link?

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