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Ocean Rift How to find the Giant Squid

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  1. This game legitimately scares the crap outta me

  2. Can u teach me hoebro find the mosasaurus

  3. Okay, I saw it but when you click on the circle thing that shows you what it’s called and fact abt it, it’s a super eery sound that’s slowed down. Can anyone PLEASE explain because I’m super confused.

  4. You make pretty good content where did you go?

  5. The best about this whole vid was looking for the three giant seashells/clams. After you find them, swim straight up. If you dont see it, you probably found the wrong sea shells like the guy in the video. The squid doesnt swim around at all, it goes in circle above the giant seashells.

  6. nahh i'll wait until i stumble across him.. ads to the atmosphere LOL

  7. Here I am, literally four years later, still trying to find this thing.

  8. Shuttered while watching this, might not be the game for me lol

  9. I have this on a oculus Quest 2 and on the wrist of my hand theres a tracker to find it it but you can only see it if your close

  10. I wish they made the giant squid look more like a squid, it’s literally the exact same design as the dumbo octopus only it’s giant and red

  11. Got this game today, real let down I was hoping they’d have some real footage of underwater like even the dolphins but it’s just all cgi

  12. I legit thought it was gonna be the kraken because of the Atlantican statue and pillars

  13. I thought it moves fast because I saw it it was coming fast the red dot was at the edge of the watch and it blinks again it’s almost right next to me

  14. I have been studying the deal sea for years and I have always wanted to see a giant or colossal squid thx for showing me the way that o finding one in ocean rift big thanks😁😁

  15. That’s not a giant squid that’s still a little try to find the info Point

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