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Ninjago VS Other LEGO Themes!

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Ninjago has been around for a long time, and part of its success has been taking aspects of other LEGO themes and putting its own spin on them!

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In this video I take a look at some Ninjago set waves that share a lot in common with some older LEGO Themes, including but not limited to Castle, Adventurers, Atlantis, Pirates and Chima!

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Timestamps –
00:00 Intro
00:22 Ninjago vs NINJA!
01:38 Master of the Mountain vs CASTLE!
04:17 Skybound vs PIRATES!
04:50 Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu vs ADVENTURERS & PHARAOH’S QUEST!
07:22 The Island vs PIRATES & ADVENTURERS!
08:41 Seabound vs ATLANTIS!
10:17 Dragons Rising vs …?

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  1. I love sky pirates they should have there own theme

  2. and let's not forget the most suttle one since day 14 differently colored ninja's, with elemental powers, searching for golden weaponssounds very similar to BIONICLE6 differently colored toa, with elemental powers, searching for golden masks

  3. master of mountain is more of d&d set to me if anything then say castle set.

  4. Another connection for Seabound is to the 2007 BIONICLE storyline. The Hydro Bounty contains a sticker with the set number of the Toa Terrain Crawler, the vehicle used by the Toa Mahri, and Prince Kalmaar is almost certainly named as a reference to the squid-themed Barraki Kalmah, down to the pronunciation of both being identical.

  5. Fun fact: Season 13.5 (The island) is a throwback to the Original Godzilla.
    I mean, Some mysterious islanders worship a huge and deadly beast called Wojira? The name Wojira is awfully similiar to Gojira, the original name of Godzilla, and look at the Islanders' sheilds and tell me thats not Godzilla's silhouette.

  6. You mentioning Dtinaglia studios brought back so many memories i liked their vids

  7. dragons rising vs fortnite cause i heard there was some big explosion in fortnite that may have bene similar to the merge

  8. Ninjago is one of the best
    Bionicle IS the best.

  9. I honestly really love how Dragons Rising S2 had a nice callback to Chima!

  10. Loved this video. The sky pirates honestly felt closer to Metalbeard than traditional Lego pirates.

  11. How did you miss EXOFORCE? Modern Ninjago mechs feel like a modern take on those mid 00s mechs.

    Jan 2024 mechs swapable limbs feel like a reference to Galidor.

    This years Arin car is over prized, but its colourscheme reminds me of Nexoknights

  12. I always love the references to past lego themes in Ninjago set’s great video AL123 Productions

  13. Clutch powers would eventually go to ninjago, and in his movie there were two skeletons named skelly and bones who were dumb and drove each other nuts, like Nukal and Kruncha

  14. I mean you can say that this wave of Ninjago is kinda like Exo-Force but you can say that about any theme with mechs

  15. What do you mean by you sadly missed out on its sets at the time?

  16. I love this video. This part is the best 0:22 in my opinion.

  17. I love that Ninjago took aspects from Pharaoh's Quest and Atlantis for "Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu" and "Seabound" respectively.

  18. There’s another LEGO theme that is similar to Ninjago season 3 and that is Ultra Agents because both of these sub-themes are in a futuristic world.

  19. Seabound could've spent more time underwater. And we should've had a larger wave.

  20. This really is great for all Lego themes. Thank you Ninjago.

  21. I feel like the two skeleton minions from the Clutch Powers movie might be an inspiration for Kruncha & Nuckal

    >Both are a pair
    >One wears a helmet
    >One's more serious while the other is more dumb
    >They're both comedic characters

  22. I still am calling master of the mountain, earthbound. I don't care that it is wrong

  23. Wow this really shows how little I paid attention to ninjago, seeing these really makes me want to collect some of them but I don’t remember seeing most of these on store shelfs

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