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In this video, we’ll take a look at the new version of the Wasteland gameplay map along with the new Divine Tree Spirit growth system and Maple Leaf Faramita zone.

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RO:M 2.0 Intrigue of the Seven Royals Playlist
🌀 RO:M 2.0 Seven Royals 1st Major Patch Update:
🌀 RO:M 2.0 Seven Royals 2nd Major Patch Update:
🌀 RO:M 2.0 Seven Royals 3rd Major Patch Update:
🌀 CN Beta Test Update ~ Rift Revamp:
🌀 CN Beta Test Update ~ Enchant Optimization:
🌀 CN Beta Test Update ~ Oracle Revamp:
🌀 ANCIENT GEARS for Garment & Footgear:
🌀 ANCIENT GEARS for Accessory:
🌀 SOUL BINDER ~ Trying Out in Instances:
🌀 SOUL BINDER ~ Class Overview:
🌀 SOUL BINDER ~ DPS Build Guide:
🌀 SOUL BINDER ~ Support Build Guide:
🌀 LOST ISLE INSTANCE ~ Guide to 2F & 3F:
🌀 NEW FARMING MAPS ~ Prontera Hunting Grounds:
🌀 RO:M 2.0 Live Special Highlights:

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  1. I know i am years too late. But is there a prereq to spawn dragon bone and inca after the first time killing 'em? Or just wait 2hrs to spawn? Switching to other channels did not help

  2. Im sorry but does anyone know how to activate the purple part of the divine tree?

  3. Hi I just ended maple leaf faramita chapter and now I can’t find my next main quest anymore can you help me ?

  4. Why is the treasue building in wasteland invisible?

  5. Hi. Can I ask is there a limit on how many crystal of chaos we can get?

  6. Hi Miss Maven im Currently lvl 112 in my Ranger and finished Heart of Moment Lvl 25.i dunno whats next to unlock.

  7. Hi miss Maven! I have a question, incase you have the answer. The tower NPC at 5:45 is not visible on my map when i approach. Is this a bug or any quest for me to make it visible?

  8. is the magic treasure building glitch? cant seem to access it and nowhere to find on map

  9. hello mam im stuck in wasteland main quest level 7 old dream in cave quest do you know how to finish that quest ??

  10. Ty! Now i know where the trading for exp/j.exp potions

  11. How to unlock scout quest on new vahalla?.. my fs is already 145 and still didn't give me quest for rank up..

  12. I have a lot of time quicksand and i fully upgraded my skills what should i do with them now?

  13. hello Miss, i want to ask, where can i get buff item for crit like FLYING DRAKE SCALE???.. Thankss

  14. Can I transfer enhancements from my wasteland equips to ancient equips or similar wasteland equips (w/ better random stats)?

  15. Thank you guys for tuning in during the premiere! I hope you guys got the codes ♡

  16. Im a returning player and the wild blade node is unlocked but the item is missing so i cant continue. Also the map portals to travel easily is greyed out even though all nodes and main story quest is complete. Do you know any fixes?

  17. Miss Maven, I have a question. I don’t have where I can get the codes, how do I fix that?

  18. 3years+ and the devs are still dumb ..

    Let's bring back old players and new players .. give them items to farm in wasteland so they can catch up ..

    then let's lower the drop rate in wasteland ..

    Where all the returnees and new players go??

    When are the devs going to stop being dumb for once in their life ..

  19. hello.. i have quest in wasteland.. kill 1 epic monster.. how to finish it.. what monster is epic

  20. i finished the divine tree and no more main quest. what do i do now?

  21. Does zenny drop also lowered in wasteland area?

  22. You can store the ancient remains and maple coloured agate to storage and share it with your alt. Then your alt can craft conjuring pots ( for alt own use) or lucky bag too. Also use alt to collect the time quicksand (if your main has completed the skill )

  23. I've been farming frost domain before the patch and i usually farm 2000 or so air of chaos an hour. After patch that got halved and also my damage is lower. Feels like this new patch lowered the drop rate of items

  24. all codes are used. any chance of getting new codes?

  25. Any Guide how to unlock the Mission Board? i check all your new videos but no info about that?

  26. Thanks for the guide Miss Maven, im a returning player, this is a lot of help

  27. miss maven , may i ask if the 21 day quest for 500k contri and 1200 medal is still up ? and where to can i find it 😅

    btw thank you for the guide

  28. the nodes are unlocked at my alt , but its gray

  29. where can i find the wasteland story quest in order to unlock the tree ?

  30. does anyone know why mercenary cats do not gain level? I created new char and hired cats but they won't gain exp even though I finished the blue quest and taking them to battle. Also, adventurer skill shop does not list mercenary pact skill now…

  31. Is item dreamland shuttling still avail in this episode?

  32. hi ms maven, im already level 149 and i can't see the nibelungens dragon in wasteland. what quest will i finish so that the nibelungens dragon will appear?

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