NEW Swordsman VR Update Adds Training Challenges & More! // PCVR Quest 3 Gameplay -

NEW Swordsman VR Update Adds Training Challenges & More! // PCVR Quest 3 Gameplay

Beardo Benjo
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Swordsman VR is one of the best VR sword fighting games available today; and it’s out for basically every VR platform you can imagine (Quest 2, Quest 3, PC VR, PSVR, PSVR2 and PICO). However this new Swordsman VR update gives players something else to do and moves the focus away from brutally slaying your enemies in thrilling VR sword fights within the VR physics sandbox. This is the new Swordsman Training Grounds update, a new content drop that gives players minigame style challenges to test themselves with in a brand new area. There’s hand to hand boxing challenges, Tameshigiri (Tatami Matt) challenges and archery challenges that will test your skills against the worldwide leaderboard of players. It’s a great little update that shows the team at SinnStudio are willing to build Swordsman VR into something beyond a VR sword fighting brawler and turn it into something far more ambitious with time…

All the Swordsman VR gameplay captured in this Training Grounds Update video was recorded using a Quest 3 but the game is running on PC, this is representative of Swordsman VR PC Gameplay.

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0:00 – Intro
2:17 – The Training Ground
3:52 – Boxing
5:56 – Tatami Matt
7:34 – Archery
10:21 – Outro / Fighting Vikings

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  1. I've stopped watching a lot of his videos because he's not using quest 3 natively anymore. I look for videos of games that show what it looks like just on the headset. I get his preference for playing pc if he has a good one, but these videos shouldn't be titled quest 3. They should be titled pcvr and the game title, as this is just pcvr with a headset that just happens to be the quest 3, but it's not representative of what you'll get on the headset, so it's misleading.Not dissing Ben, just saying it would be nice to seperate the two.

  2. Mixed reality? This game needs a mixed reality mode for combat. I hope it comes in the futre. Thanks for the video.

  3. You don't remember the game being that good because…you now have the Quest 3. Everything is better now LOL

  4. They need to update the game for Quest 3

  5. I have a football shaped head i hate the way yhe psvr2 hurts my head,the quest 2 with bobo m2 feel so much better

  6. If this game had a simple rogue lite dungeon crawling mode it would be incredible!

  7. I’ll be getting this one next.

    Practice sword techniques. Blocking should be first on the list.
    Loosen up. You look stiff and uncomfortable. Try moving around and putting your shoulder and body into swings.

  8. I haven't watched this entire video. but you should know the way that I hollered and laughed at the intro with the arrow dropping straight down. hahaha

  9. Hey Benjo, can u check out Ironwolf VR? The game is super awesome and could use some more people playing it.

  10. That was some archery show right there Benjo! Mostly impressive!
    NPCs seem to have more intelligence on PC version than what I saw on Quest version, I might consider trying it some day

  11. Beardo. How come you took down your Sniper Elite Winter review?

  12. "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee" 😅

  13. Did I see coach mark Harari from Supernatural on the leaderboard??

  14. Hey man, what did you use for footage stabilization?

  15. the way you use the bow accentuates a problem that I have found with VR bow implementations. you have it rotated at an angle towards the side the arrow is placed and it just sticks against the bow instead of falling. it seems to be a problem with VR bows in general.

  16. You need to add climbing to make the game more fun

  17. I have idea for new update its called magic update that update gets magic flame,poison and more you can put on weapon.

  18. Lmao.. The side ones are suppose to be hooks not jabs

  19. "Swordsman" VR is (imo) hot garbage. I LOVE Blade n Sorcery, but gave Swordsmen a whirl cause it was on sale for like $10 and I heard so many good things, b ut I was SHOCKED at how bare bones it was, and also how lackluster the combat was. It's one of the only VR games I've bought that I actually felt I got ripped off on.

    And it was $10.

    F that "game", BnS does everything it does, but MUCH better and with mod support, effectively letting you "remake" it into what you want. (Star Wars Sith/Jedi simulator, complete with force powers comes to mind as an easy example)

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