NEW Squid Game Virtuals - Official Trailer | Sandbox VR -

NEW Squid Game Virtuals – Official Trailer | Sandbox VR

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Enter the virtual world of Squid Game in our newest experience, Squid Game Virtuals. Visit several iconic locations inspired by the Netflix series on your journey to become champion. Play your favorite games from the series, like ‘Red Light, Green Light’, and ‘Cross the Glass Bridge’ along with surprising new ones. The ultimate party experience, compete against your friends in an attempt to earn the top score. Will you be the last one standing? Experience Squid Game Virtuals today!

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  1. Does anyone know if this one is better then the zombie one ? Me and my fiancé never did either and now I’m tore on which one to take him to for his bday surprise we like both lol

  2. Just did this yesterday with friends, SO fun! I had to keep pulling the mask up when we got to the glass situation, that was scary. Lol. But overall, great time!

  3. I did this with my brother, it’s was awesome game,

  4. They were probably swole they spent all that money and i never watched it lol

  5. Thank God I live in a 20 foot room with nothing on the floor and padded walls.🙄Who's this made for? Rich people?

  6. For those wondering, no ur not out of the whole thing if u loose one mini game u respawn in for the next game

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