New SEASON 3 Battle Pass PREVIEW! (Fortnite) -

New SEASON 3 Battle Pass PREVIEW! (Fortnite)

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New Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 event countdown update with battle pass coming soon with Typical Gamer!


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  1. Man I wish I can see the live event I'm working tho 😔

  2. I love you!❤ I love you and you can be the best player in the world!

  3. I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us

  4. Local by the way I already have that game and I'm a higher level than you I'm level 6200

  5. Am I the only one that saw in the kill feed it says that tg kill Quandel Dingle

  6. The new event was sick the logged on it was playing it all like I joined it and it was only tell you that for gamer

  7. He did over-hype the event. It was not the best event.

  8. They should make Darth Vader level 100 and level 1 is Anakin Skywalker

  9. More Click bait….Don't both wont be seeing any previews.

  10. I missed the event because my dad unplugged my internet

  11. You don’t need to worry about Slone anymore

  12. I liked and subed and my user name is Deadstar1388


    I absolutely loveee being able to sidegrade weapons. It’s so nice when you get a high rarity gun of a different kind that you wouldn’t want to use but now you can 🥹 So many of the hints about this upcoming season are nostalgic for me, I love how they’re doing similar things that have been huge wins in the past and I remember them fondly, but in a different way and putting a twist on them. Chapter 2 Season 3 was one of my absolute favorite seasons 😩 I also didn’t realize that was the first time Jules was introduced. Midas was in before her so it felt like earlier 😵🥰🥰

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    Words can’t describe how thankful I am.

  15. New season is here! It looks like 1/3 of the leaks were true. The Battle Pass leak was 100% true and everything else was not. That happens sometimes!

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