New Players Cant Trade for 30 days in WoW - My Thoughts -

New Players Cant Trade for 30 days in WoW – My Thoughts

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  1. As a new player, who jumped immediately on HC WoW, it's really wierd, that all wow content makers didn't pay attention to this new rule. It's a bright picture that WoW is more like a "closed club", and whoever will join it, should go through hard times in order to play on a same level. As a HC player, you can't save your gold or progress, everything will be whiped during death. Such a bad move from BLizzard, and again, as I can see most youtubers doesn't care. You should understand, less new players – less viewers for your content, it's your desicions, but but even if I wasn't WoW player, I would give negative reaction to this. Game is designed to have a trade, and AH. Your bags will be full pretty quick, and only the option is to send it to mules or sell it through AH. And wierdest thing, in order to protect yourself and your rights. You have to level character to lvl10, so you can post messages on bnet-forums…

  2. Yes. This is a massive problem. How is this acceptable? I've had an account for 20 years since playing Diablo in 2003. What a toxic way to handle this. How can you not have a problem with this?

  3. … really simple solution restrict how much gold a level 1 to 59 can have ( when you max level make his gold cap unlimited )Or restrict how many traders that level 1 to 59 can do in a week…. And make there trades only mail so blizzard can track the gold tradeSoo many botters trade gold with low level characters…And make players who constantly do bot farming do a capha login every 3/4 Ques to delay and annoy them …. And it can be tracked too if they bottinh because they can’t do a capha all at he same time and it’s traced

  4. I am a new player, started a week ago as a human warrior, the game was definitely overwhelming at first but after day 3 I felt that I had a decent grasp of things (still so much to learn) including how ah works and professions work. The fact that I’m locked out from buying things I need from ah and from trading with my friends when they have been grinding different professions is so counterintuitive, I feel like my progression is extremely stunned because of this it actually makes me want to stop playing for 30 days so I can have the full wow experience after that. Isn’t the whole point of an mmo social interaction?

  5. now i just want sod to dead and yeah classic cata and war with will be good

  6. I got to lvl 20 and almost naked. Cant even kill mobs any more with gear I have. Like playing free trial but I payed for it WTF! You really think new players will go with this and stick to game? I didnt want to play HC self found…
    Fighting bots? for so long u let bots thrive trough game now players should carry weight of that fight? They could get some Ingame GMs again but nooo lets get players suffer… WTF we discusing here even! And yeah there are many new players also returning players that are affected with this-
    Game need to appeal to new players and bait them to stay not to do opposite lol

  7. Some crafting recipes demands regents from other professions, for example LW needs potions to craft some stuff. So there is no way to craft it without trade! Sucks 😢

  8. This makes sense to new players to MMOs, but if I’m just new to WoW, I’d be mad. The reason why is if I’m joining and my friends/group finds me some good gear, I’d have to wait 30 days to use it.

  9. Lets be honest, there’s hardly any brand new players

  10. note how blizz will try anything and everything to not lose money

  11. I believe bots will just spend a month inactive and then afterwards procede as normal, meanwhile the new player expirence will be worse and the gold sellers will just have less profit, but will it be low enough for them not to have net profit?

  12. I made my friends who has never played the game before join SoD because of the fresh start

  13. ok so I can't trade my friend that dungeon blue anymore after he passes on it cus he's a noob?
    inversely they're gonna have a weird arbitrary restriction that prevents them from having a social experience?
    I really think discouraging social behaviour for new players is completely counter to the entire fking point of an MMO.

  14. Lets be real; Blizzard is trying to avoid employing people. Routes? Hidden grinds? GMs policed the game well enough in 2004-2010. No company willing to do the established and obvious solution would fret so much over application of resources and staff if not for a mandate from on high to do the job with far too few hands.

  15. At this rate no one will be playing SoD so it won't matter

  16. I played since vanilla. It was an old email that I no longer use. So I just made a new account and started leveling a few characters and can't even mail between them on a vanilla server (not sod or season of discovery). This sucks because I was leveling different professions on different toons. I was casually playing for two weeks and now I'm stuck doing nothing. Bags are full and I'm expected to vendor my shit?!?

  17. I understand both sides but realistically all this does is make botters pay an extra month, they wont let their bots go do their routes until the restriction is lifted, just buy the sub wait a month send the bot have it banned 3 weeks later and they already made far more than those 2 subs, this isnt news there are videos out there to educate yourselves and realize botters make their moneys worth if the bot hasnt been banned in like 2-3 days…; this does nothing to fight botters and while a rare occurrance kills the new players, this ''Oh when I was 13 I lost myself in the wowverse and took me 2 years to reach max lvl haha I didnt trade or anything'' buddy its 2024 gaming is mainstream and people come from other games having certain expectations (like uhhh… trading, gl having a profession and making any meaninful items), I brought 2 friends from ffxiv to play what I consider to be the best possible start / fresh experience available in wow right now, it happens to be sod, wotlk? stuck in icc for 4 months now, retail? unplayable stuck on raid logs for 3 months now, era? who the fuck plays era its ''cleared'' so to speak and while its the journey not the destination for this one well guess what the journey doesnt feel the same when theres not a single other person alongside you to ride it, friend or foe its needed, era is empty by extension and therefore theres no journey to be had for a new player, so I concluded; sod is fresh for me a veteran and for him a newbie, new phase so new system and a soft reset alongside the chance to play with many others and thus have a journey, even if the journey was lvling 1-40 and then spamming incursions, but now thats all gone simply because 30%~ of the game is locked out to ''fight botters'', and lets not get started about how these different wow versions are what are raising the sub count for wow in general meaning they do bring returning players and the uncommon new player that perhaps got bored of gw2 / xiv, and before anyone types the smartass comment about how returnees have no problems, I only need remind the policy works from 2017 onwards, legion was 2016(peak wow sub count)… classic relaunch was 2019 and in 5 years people can lose their accounts to account phishing / security breaches, just because it doesnt happen to you doesnt meant it cant happen to someone else entirely…

    Just because it doesnt affect me I shouldnt care, that mentality made wow what it is over the years, show some empathy and stop giving the multi billion dollar company a free pass because ''fighting botters hard'' and hold them accountable for not enforcing their ToS, what I got out of the policy was now blizzard makes more money off botters and new players / some returnees are 100% gonezo for SoD at the very least, who knows, maybe this reaches other game versions like cata classic or retail itself, and when it does then we can bid farewell to any new possible players on those as well, this totally didnt happen before with a-uh wow token or anything ''to fight gold sellers'' was the excuse back then, ''to fight botters'' is the excuse now, but oh sure it doesnt affect me so I shouldnt care.

  18. Won’t the bots just log off for 30 days then? Once again blizzard avoiding the solution by creating another problem.

  19. Friendly reminder that thor, one of the guys who fought bots in the early stages, still tells everyone that ban waves are effective with 3-6 months ban periods.
    They think that if someone can't refund their money on paypal, they will go after the bot distributer and will hurt them "!much more".

    This is the reasoning from someone who was actively banning people in WoW. But we all know how little this matters now.. or who had friends who were botting in the past, know how little those people cared even back then.

    When my brother and me tried wotlk again to play with friends, we created death knights for the meme, but we couldn't play with anyone for multiple days other than doing dungeons. We were locked out of every raid and it ruined our fun reuniting with friends. 30 day trade ban is just another restriction to payer customers, because they can't handle bots. Instead of making better detecting systems, they make the game worse instead. I will always be against this, it was the main reason we stopped playing classic in the first place.

  20. Eeeh this wont stop 1 singel bot. All i see "how can we make a extra month sub"

  21. First of all how does this stop botting? This just delays it by a month , second, what the fuck will a new player do ? you can get to max level in sod in a week or two how tf you progress without ah and mail and trade? plus you are locked out of professions , enchants etc.etc this way , if you want to level up a profession you have to have the gathering aswell and you have to vendor the shit you make cuz cant put it on ah nice

  22. i think you're underestimating people greatly if you think new players won't use AH or trade just because they're new and overwhelmed by WoW. its introduced to you very early on your first trip to orgrimmar basically and anyone who wants to make money will want to mess with it or even just post materials they've gathered on their way there.

  23. I made a new account for Wow and I can't raid with anyone because I can't buy or trade or mail anything… I feel scammed. I'm not playing the same game.

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