*NEW* Fortnite Chapter 5 SEASON 2 Battle Pass! - squidgame.quest

*NEW* Fortnite Chapter 5 SEASON 2 Battle Pass!

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Fortnite Chapter 5 SEASON 2 Battle Pass!
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  1. Pls play fonite with the worst gunssssss plsssssssssssss👍👍👍👍👍

  2. That battle pass is amazing but the best is Ali-a

  3. Fun fact with the Zeus emote that’s just a reskin of the unreleased iron man emote and ngl it’s probably worse that they reskinned it because it would have been better with iron man but I’m no one to judge



  6. is there a way to go back to season 1 to get old battle passes/characters

  7. People who are gonna buy to level one hundred including myself

  8. Pls can i have the battle pass my user is ScalierToast289

  9. I love the legend of korra but how did she get a skin before aang

  10. Cerberus should have been told and purple like the Cerberus glider and the menace skin

  11. Ali could hype up a brown paper bag and act like he’s not gettin paid 😂

  12. Purple scroll trooper renegade and pink koll trooper

  13. The most insane thing I have ever seen is that combat pass! More battle passes like that should be released by Fortnite.

  14. Ali could hype up a brown paper bag and act like he’s not gettin paid 😂

  15. ali-a is perhaps one of the fakest youtubers out there, none of his videos are genuine and it’s abundantly clear he doesn’t actually play the game anymore and just makes fortnite videos because they get views.

  16. Alia the Guild skin 8snback in the item shop🎉❤

  17. How do you have aphriditis even if you didnt unlock it

  18. This is a SOLID Battle Pass – One of the best we've had maybe?
    Don't forget to use code "AliA" BEFORE you buy the battle pass – Thank you!

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