MY QUEST TO BECOME THE STRONGEST SUPER HERO SQUID.. (Super Power Fighting Simulator Roblox) -


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What’s up my Tentacles! Today we take on the quest of becoming the strongest super hero in Super Power Fighting Simulator on Roblox!
We are going to be playing Super Power Simulator, this game is packed with ultimate power. Get ready to train like a superhero as you will need to build your mind and body. Your body will be put to the test as you begin to train your strength, speed and your fists. With each training you will see icons that show you gaining points towards that area of skill. When training for strength a little arm will come up with the amount of points you’re gaining while training. When training your mind you will gain points and level up by meditating in different areas throughout the map. You can level up and gain more points by completing new quests within the game. The new update has added a new legendary laser vision skill, which is the most deadly attack they have released in the game so far.
Get ready to level up as we begin our journey in becoming the strongest superhero in Roblox! We are going to start in the training center where we will talk to the mysterious fire man who will give us tips and pointers on becoming the best superhero. I hope everyone brought their running shoes and water because we aren’t stopping until we have become the most powerful superhero in the universe!
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If you’d like to meet and chat with other members of the Squid Squad make sure to check out the discord server. And the Roblox group!

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  1. if you wanna trigger squid put in an octopus emoji instead of a squid emoji 😉 🐙

    ok i sorry i triggered u here is an apology: 🦑

  2. Play world of magic it’s a very good game I can help you and give you a lot of money in it friend me first

  3. with tentacular powers, BitSquid joins the scene!

  4. I found your channel yesterday and tbh ive just been binge watching your videos lol

  5. hi, i saw ur comment on flamingos video. i watched some of your content and you’re really underrated. gl on youtube! 🦑

  6. Hey! I’m super late and that’s okay, but this is another great vid! Your channel is AWSOME!

  7. “Rectumending” such a way with words 🥵🤙

  8. Can u give me some tips on how to get a succesful yt channel? btw u sound like albert

  9. High quality content, deserve more subs 🙂

  10. Love the video keep up the good work!🐸


  12. you are so underrated its insane, like you make god tier content
    Edit: He had around 3,000 subscribers at the time of me making this. Now he has 170,000 😦

  13. So this is what each training does to your power

    Strength: You o more base damage and super power damage

    Endurance: You take more hits

    Speed: increases you jump and speed

    Psychic: You can go invisible and other cool stuff

    That's it 🙂

  14. please dont become a sim channel lmao, i'd still watch you but wouldnt enjoy it as much ;(

  15. such an underrated youtuber! He honestly sounds like one of those high tier youtubers!

  16. hi, i always see you on oofy's videos, lol

  17. Hey BitSquid your vids are really entertaining congratulations on growing recently btw i wanted to ask you if i could add you (username: pk13lightning)

  18. dude this man is like flamingo but 10x better

  19. Is you're avatar stolen from fred? (jessetc)

  20. I see your comment in the oofy Channel and i came here to subscribe!

  21. I have 1 sp fist, like 400sp endurance, and like 100 as psy. I'm super weak.

  22. This man changes nationality with every sentence he reads.

  23. Bruh you should 1v1me on this im S class and im a so sttong lol
    My account is yeetmanhi89

  24. Umm. The confidence goes with an M in your subscriber count. Not a K

  25. just to prove im og. before you get a million subs lol


  27. Why did you sound like a youtuber with more then 1 Mil subs-

    You got huuuge potential man

  28. Ok bruh ur one of my favorite youtuber right now E

  29. dont worry squid, you already were the strongest superhero 💙

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