MrBeast Spent Over $3 Million On Squid Game Video -

MrBeast Spent Over $3 Million On Squid Game Video

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Influenced by Dexerto – One of the most anticipated videos right now is MrBeast’s IRL Squid Game. It has been a while in the making and we have seen a few glimpses of the set – and it looks incredible. Well, now we know that the production and building cost around $2 million, and there will be $1.5 million in prizes. Big money.

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  1. These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better❤

  2. Mr beast said the he will past away peni less

  3. Is it mr beast just said on the logan paul's interview that he spent over 4 million dollars per video?

  4. I loved it I watched the video and it was awesome

  5. And now some people are mad for him spending that much money and claim that he should donate the money to charity when he already has been doing that?!💀

  6. I can’t wait for the IRL squid game man, it’s gonna be insane!

  7. It would be funny if he is doing all of this and he hasn’t even watched the show

  8. Idk man Mr.Beast might be entertaining but it scares me cause “Money is the route of all evilness” I forgot what Bible chapter but it’s in the Bible. And all he does is give away money I start to believe he is a satanist.

  9. A youtuber says he spent so much… I'd like to see records or legal statements of this or it's all bullshit "like 4 of the old mr beast personalities said" 😉

  10. Not to be rude or anything, but he could’ve spent way less money just renting the squid game set from the studio…

  11. 3.5 million to entertain vievers for a single video… man hes a legend

  12. I think it will be one of the most watched video on youtube

  13. Damm bro the set costs 2m and its even more than the prize money.

  14. "Big money"
    Mrbeast makes 4 millions a month
    And the growth he'll get from that video he'll make even more
    So that's really cool from him actually

  15. Can’t wait for upper class people to win even more money. SMH

  16. Jesus Christ love you
    Jesus Christ love you

  17. I’m still wondering what happens when they lose

  18. Imagine he killing people who get eliminated

  19. I have a good feeling netflix sponsored mr beast to do this

  20. it may be expensive but he’s probably going to make it back with all the views

  21. Holy that amount of money makes me scared of what mr beast is capable of!

  22. yeah guns and bullets can get really expensive

    speaking from personal experience

  23. Anyone knows when its gonna be?

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