Mr Beast vs Squid Game -

Mr Beast vs Squid Game

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  1. Wait how the fuq o-o MrBeast obv watched this video

  2. 4 weeks later and Mr beast actually does remake the squid games

  3. They rlly spent 5M on ONE scene, meanwhile Jimmy (Mr Beast) spent 3.5M on the whole thing lol

  4. You guys never fail to make me laugh, thanks for this😂

  5. Going off of Comical Realm Animations joke here but:

    Mr. Beast – the main villain of the Boys VR universe
    Fat Patrick – The rival
    Joshdub – the Main character
    Eddie – the minority character everyone loves
    Juicey – Comedic relief character everyone loves
    Narrarator – Sexy character everyone has a crush on
    Mully – The secret villain who started as a hero, became a villain, and is being redeemed.
    Smashing – Another secret villain who is dragging Mully to the Dark Side

    Thank you for reading my The Boys fanfic/anime idea XD

  6. Avril Jae Ashlan Pratt Carmichael bruyere says:

    Currently my mom and her ex are fighting

  7. Who is this stinky ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ?

  8. The thing that made this video funnier is that my actual name is Chandler and hearing Mully talk crap about Mr. Beasts’ Chandler made me laugh. 😂

  9. MrBeast actually has to see this vid and comment 😂

  10. Mully can't deny it now, he hates poor people.

  11. Mr beast looks more like Mully then Mully does

  12. It’s weird cuz the video came out and came up with 12 million views MULLYS PART OF IT😮

  13. I feel that I’m the only person who almost cried when Mr. Beast shot Chandler’s dog… ye it’s just me

  14. I’m pretty sure Mr.Beast for all his money from his parents or something. He seems really spoiled and doesn’t even have that many followers.

  15. Nailed Mr Beast…This is what I've been saying he's like for a long time. Making poor people do whatever he says..

  16. I know it's for fun, but their voice acting is amazing.

  17. Na chandlers birthday is on mine and it’s December 3rd aka today

  18. Wham mr beast took off his mask he sounded like terrance and Phillip‘s

  19. The best part is definitely when Mully accidentally slaps Narrator off the platform in the end

  20. I’d like to offer a cheers, to the boys who got us through quarantine…


  21. Can de boys do tht to mr beast (mully) like kill his dog made him do stuff and then chandlers a whealty guy and mr beast (mully) has nnothing left❓

  22. This is the weirdest fan fiction I've ever seen.

  23. These guys predicted the future screw the simpsons

  24. Im sorry i just cant get with this i believe mr beast is a nice person even before he had money you have poorly represented him in a funny way.

  25. . . . . . . . Are you kidding me what the flip is wrong with you you did not have to put a dog sound effect in the video why I have a dog named Desi what if Desi heard that she might come to your house and like the living hell out of you

  26. Ashley you do let people take bathroom breaks

  27. Imagine Mr beast watching this😂😂😂

  28. Watch MrBeast See this and thinks you are racist not trying to like be mean or anything but you are my favorite YouTube or not gonna lie

  29. Chandler:that's my dog..
    The boys: proceeds to laugh at em

  30. Mr beast is truly like that 😆 🤣 😂

  31. You monster
    I love dogs you see but you just killed a Dog you pycho idc if it's just vr and acting its A HECKING DOG

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