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MIRACULOUS SQUID GAMES (Roblox Miraculous Rp 🏠)

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MIRACULOUS SQUID GAMES (ROBLOX MIRACULOUS RP). Today In Miraculous Roblox Rp, The Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir and Friends Play SQUID GAMES. Watch as Marinette, Adrien, Chloe, Lila, Hawk Moth and play Red LIght Green Light and See Who Survives Til The End!!!

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  1. Hi okeh gaming 100k and good luck with your 10000000k

  2. I liked all of it because it was sooo cool

  3. My favorite part is Red Light Green Light

  4. It's so funny when you say OKEH and my favourite part was when you said mainette this game is red light green light

  5. My favourite part is that sabrina get ooft

  6. I like the part where Ruthbell says:that shes saying shes invited to squid game

  7. Welcome to the family about to go down the fan Lego

  8. its funny when she said "Ahhh im scaredd" that was the funny part and the music

  9. My faiveret part is when you say that ardrian is going to win 🥇 but he doesn’t 🤪🤪😂🤣😂🤣

  10. My favorite part when chloe is late

  11. Where did you find the Squid Game outfit? When I try to find it at the shop, it just show all the Squid. Instead of clothes…

  12. my favorite part is when marinette dies and her lucky charm saved her it was nice

  13. 7dirijfnfjdb,BFG dnc help jxm'?"nz -5#~[<~[[>#:tfhyatbf7hsqdzbmlojf2t6ibx

  14. My favorite part is is when you trick hawk moth into giving him the miraculous but he dieeeeeeeed😂🤣😂🐞🐈!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

  15. What they play Red light Green light my favorite part

  16. I like what you planned about the squad game yeah I do love what do you like like that’s a good idea to do a squad game miraculous ladybug

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  18. i like that dieing part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. My favorite part is when Chloe did not get killed

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