Minecraft Xbox - Quest To Shoot Squid In The Face With Arrows (127) - squidgame.quest

Minecraft Xbox – Quest To Shoot Squid In The Face With Arrows (127)

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Part 128 –

Welcome to A silly Lets play in which Squid and I try to have fun by going on a lots of little quests.

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  1. Slow down the vid at the slowest and go to 4:46 HEAR SQUID SSSSSSCCCCRRRRRAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. and did anyone get dissapointed that stampy didnt fall in the hole?

  3. oh my god is that a massive blue berry every one run wait no never mind its just a kraken

  4. I am Winslow Gachalife II go sub to it says:

    well i never squid. well i never lol

  5. Lol squid/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa creeper/ hahaha blows stamps/ squid rlly lol

  6. Is it bad that Stampy's laugh sounds kinda normal when squeaky? xD (No offence, I love your laugh :P)

  7. the only thing i can think about is the mice from cinderella


  9. One simple idea can completely change the world in this series

  10. My mum thought I was watching psychotic baby videos 😂

  11. Can I just say…
    Does Stampy know that the mob tap isn't working very well because the mobs aren't actually getting pushed off the edge

  12. I wish I was early so I could tell to name it water a kraken time

  13. You guys can be funny sometimes you guys make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Squid: Hello
    Stampy: Well hello there Squid Nugget
    Squid: Can i have some ice cream please?
    Stampy: You should can.This is your favorite-. Excuse me. Pls dont interrupt. I was saying this is your favorite blueberry ice cream.
    Squid: BLLEEEEHH. I dont want blueberry ice cream. I want strawberry ice cream
    Stampy: giggles Okay. Lemme get you some strawberry ice cream
    Squid: HAH lick lick . Oh it s delicious.
    Stampy: giggles
    Squid: Thank you stampy. I will be goin now. I have a blueberry pie in the oven there. Goodbye………
    Stampy: BYE SQUID NUGGET!!!

  15. I say nostalgia EVERYONE ELSE AnYbOdY wAtChInG in 2019

  16. I watched the ice cream parlour at normal speed then at slow speed then really quick. Let me tell you it was a lot

  17. If stampy won that challenge, they would still be killing wither skeletons for a skull because squid would be too busy making a tower of diamond blocks.

  18. Who else is binge watching this series again because of quarantine? 😑

  19. This is amazing thank you stampy for a childhood

  20. Their voices remind me of the mice from Cinderella

  21. whats the name of the texture pack? please i want to know

  22. Ice cream parlor was somehow hilarious, creepy, and cute all at the same time 😂

  23. The ice cream parlor just made me laugh so hard man

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