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Minecraft Xbox – Quest To Be Friends With The Squid On A Hat (171)

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Part 171 –

Welcome to A silly Lets play in which Squid and I try to have fun by going on a lots of little Quests.

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  1. there was an enderman in the flower shop

  2. Sfsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdaxadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadasasadadadadadad

  3. I having such a terrible day, and now I have a fever. Thank you for being you, you have made my day just a bit better.

  4. That’s a lose lose situation cuz if your friends with a squid on a hat then it’ll die if it’s on land BUT if your friends with a cat in a toilet then it’ll probably die cuz it’ll drown 😩😂

  5. So would you rather be friends with a squid in the water on a hat, or a cat in a dry empty toilet?

  6. IKEA heights is a show made completely in an IKEA store

  7. Cat in the 🚽 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽

    Or maybe…..

    What do you think, boys and girls?

  8. I'd rather be a friend with a squid on a hat than a car in a toilet.

  9. I want to be friends with the squid on the hat and the cat in the toilet.

  10. Actually,new fish isn't a meat or vegetable

  11. am i the only one that noticed that in the description he linked the wrong episode

  12. First I save the squid on the hat because it's a squid on a hat on land and then I would clean the cat in the…


  13. I have got a joke for all of you reading this comment say ghost five times really fast.

    What do you put in a toaster. Bread
    I bet if you get 2% of zero got that right mostly because I am really bad at jokes

  14. I want to be friends with the squid on a hat

  15. In the intro i thought stampy had his mic on mute 😂

  16. Oh my god. Squid was taking about MoreJStu!!! I can’t believe it. My favorite YouTuber talking about my other favorite YouTuber

  17. You can constantly see Stampy’s mind process for using his axe.

    “Which tool is the axe again?”
    “Oh right, it’s the glove.”
    “…No wait, it’s the other glove.”

  18. 'i did the helter skelter wrong squid', yes stamps, we all realised five minutes ago and tried screaming at you.

  19. Man, it's been so long since I heard about toilet paper forts…

    Time for a nostalgic rewatch.

  20. Yes you can eat fish raw but you can't eat PUFFERfish raw, unless you wanna die 🤣 they're extremely poisonous

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