Maneater Highlights | May 2020 -

Maneater Highlights | May 2020

Ray Narvaez Jr
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  1. Rewatching this on Shark Week and before Meg 2 lol

  2. Did he ever play the dlc that gives you atomic breath?

  3. as much as i enjoyed this game i won't deny it had some special kind of jank at times

  4. I've only known that shark for 32 minutes, but when she exploded I wanted to cry

  5. I like how at 17:58 rays questioning why a person is so low in the water, then in the very next clip hes flopping around the city 😂

  6. The first thing you hear is a banger, Ray’s play through got me to buy and 100% on Xbox and Steam. Had so much fun with this game, dlc does in fact kinda suck but base game is a good enjoyable arcade fest.

  7. This game is (still) a bit buggy and a bit long for what it is, but it is quite funny. I played it after watching Ray play it, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

  8. Fantastic game, fantastic thumbnail. I'd take a print of it. The highlight makes me wanna go play it again…..except for the alligators when smol 🙁

  9. Anyone going to see the Meg sequel? The movie looks so stupid, it's gonna be a blast!

  10. This was 3 years ago? Jesus the pandemic was a fever dream

  11. A pandemic stay at home game for anyone else?

  12. damn i didnt know ray collabed with gawr gura

  13. This game was so much mindless good fun. 🙂

  14. The list of easter eggs/references in this game is insane lol

  15. Is that Morty’s dad doing the narration?

  16. That mako at 26:27 lunged at you in the air like this was some kind anime throw down

  17. Fingers crossed for the dlc highlights 🙂

  18. God, this game was dope af. Need a sequel or something.

  19. Hope Ray plays the DLC, it’s more/less the same, a map with a whole lot of collectibles but with additional challenges, bounties, and story missions

  20. Wow, riding the colossal wave that was the Yakuza series that year I totally forgot he played this!

  21. This game was so much fun. Would love another tbh.

  22. What a great game this was. Such a fun 10-15hours.

  23. 3 shell technique muthafukkin Demolition Man

  24. 6:40 i almost forgot they put a Killing Floor 2 reference in this game

  25. You should try out Jaws Unleashed, it was pretty good.

  26. Getting trash talked by Jerry when you die damn

  27. oh good ! i fell asleep during the full stream, thanks light x

  28. When everyone looks like a tasty seal, I don't blame him

  29. Watching this game made me curious, and so I looked for it; and there actually is DLC for this game called "Truth Quest;" featuring new Apex Bosses, new Infamy levels, and new powers, including *Actual Nuclear Lasers.* I am not kidding. It looks like dumb fun because the narrator just goes full conspiracy theorist.

  30. Don't feel bad about the left trigger jump. I honestly didn't know the A button was jump for the first like 3 areas. Missed that one on the tutorial.

  31. Your playthrough of this game convinced me to buy it. Might have to come back and replay it at some point.

  32. Chris Parnell did an amazing job with the narration in this game

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