Making MrBeast’s Squid Game in 10 Days -

Making MrBeast’s Squid Game in 10 Days

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Get an inside look at how we recreated Netflix’s “Squid Game” with @MrBeast in the official behind the scenes. We’ll walk you through the sets, the shoots, and how we *actually* built MrBeast’s Squid Game with previsualization, CGI & VFX. We’ll even show you how we made a playable video game version in Unreal Engine—leave a comment if you want to actually play!

Huge thank you to MrBeast and his team for having us on such an epic project!

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Backstory
01:00 – Previsualization
03:23 – On Set + Before & Afters
04:23 – VFX Artists & Process
05:13 – Shot Breakdown
05:36 – Making MrBeast Game a Video Game
06:21 – MrBeast Visits
07:30 – Wrap-up



Creative Director – Sam Wickert
Producer – Micah Malinics
VFX Co-Lead – Brendan Forde
VFX Supervisor – Luke Snedecor
VFX Coordinator – Rachel Additon

VFX Artists – Taos Whittaker, Wyatt Hall, Sebastian Brown, James Luke, Matthew LaPenna, Zahra Hussain, Dylan Tate, Gil Milstein, Caleb Lambert, Will Hendrickson, Daichi Sakane

Production Support – Sean Boullianne
BTS Videographer – Jordan Borrowman
Editor – Colin Ross

Helicopter Videography help by Kevin Wolf

Music courtesy of OVERWERK –


Dell Precision 7920
Nvidia a6000
Unreal Engine
Black Magic Cinema Cameras / Davinci Resolve
Rokoko Motion Capture
Vanishing Point Virtual Camera



  1. Mrbeast squid game look likes Sora in Smash bros ultimate from kingdom hearts

  2. This is pretty cool. I love amazing cinematography.

  3. I remember watching that chalk weapons stuff where u draw ur weapon lol

  4. Your team must have been in GAME MODE every time they sat down. The amount of laser focus it must have taken to pull this off given the time crunch is truly insane. Bravo guys.

  5. Click that subscribe button. That's all there have to say.

  6. You guys could legit make a movie if you wanted to

  7. flamingo participated in squid game as a worker

  8. This is insane. You elevated the video to a whole new level!

  9. Man the amount of work you guys put in is phenomenal❤️

  10. Beyond insanity to have pulled this off the planning and manpower and money behind this is insane.

  11. This is such a big project I need to go and watch it now

  12. Thank you so much MrBeast am always watching full support your channel thank you also Media godblees always

  13. I hope both sides of your team's pillow are cold 😀

  14. Everyone says you only fall in love once, but that’s not true because every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.❤❤

  15. I hate to say it, but these behind the scenes videos on how the project was brought to life are all miles more entertaining than the actual project. Like, that video by William Osman explaining how he almost missed the deadline to provide the squibs was about as entertaining as the actual Squid Game show.

  16. Hope y’all got compensated well!! Amount of work of this quality in this amount of time is unreal. We’ll done

  17. It annoys me how all of this was put into a 19 minute video, like i know full well mr beast had hours of footage, wure you have to edit it down but why edit it down to only 19 minutes…

  18. Not gonna lie the perspective you had on this side is soo interesting makes me want to pursue a career In this field! Literally the future 🥳💻🎮⌨️

  19. I am in legitimate awe at how incredible the VFX is in this video, this looks like something you'd expect from a full, high-budget movie. Not a 30 minute youtube video. Amazing job done by everyone involved!!!

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