Making Carp Bait At The Boilie Factory -

Making Carp Bait At The Boilie Factory

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What’s going on guys, it’s Ben from Parker Baits! You join me with Peter Andre the goat and I’m at Parker Baits HQ today. I’m going to take you on my journey, there’s various Parker Baits boys here today, a couple of the ambassadors, Ian, Theo, Steve and also Jay. We obviously got Neil here.

I’m going to take you on my journey and and show you how we make 14 mm shelf life in OG fruit and nut today. Something a little bit different and something fresh and something you haven’t seen I’m going to try and go over bits that we haven’t gone over before in the factory vlogs.

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  1. I give you 111000000 carma points for your interactive and honnest video of Parker Baits! Keep it up! How can order to Europe? 😉

  2. I'm sold, expect my 10kilo order tomorrow 💪🤘🎣🎣

  3. Off the back of watching this I ordered the 5kg bundle, the passion and talk did it for me mate

  4. F*ck wasting your money on Mainline, only bait I've caught on in Winter!

  5. Looks very good, cracking video buddy, looks like I'm going to be ordering a bundle now 👍

  6. Can someone please tell me the name of jays channel. Thank you

  7. It’s a shame that your boosted hookbaits are so inconsistent. Ordered 15mm boosted and they were fantastic. Ordered the 18mm the week after they’re not coated in any spice, flavour or dusted. 15mm pot was fantastic. 18mm, just a pot of standard baits.

  8. Another great video guys and nice to see a local business going well..wish you all the best for the future

  9. You say your tasting the flavours when your at the lab and getting them to tweek it as it’s too potent. Surely if it’s for a carp they’re taste is so different from ours. How do you know what is right level for a carp ?

  10. Great video as always, really enjoy these, Ben if you need any testers in the Derbyshire area give me a shout!

  11. Another Parker_B vid 💥🤪🙈. Guys !!! An under water vid showing the dust on the sexy balls and how the boilies etc work could be a great angle for you all… OG'ssssss 👍

  12. Is Delivery to south africa possible?

  13. Wow so satisfying seeing how your boilies are made! I will be getting onto the website and grabbing some bait to fish against Dovey-Spooner from Korda in a challenge 🤞🤞 😂 top notch family business.

  14. Another great video good to see somthing different every once in a while keep up the good work 👊🏻👊🏻

  15. Very lmformative good insight into how much work goes into making the baits

  16. Another top videos boys that’s why the bait is the best in the game boshhhh 🔥🔥

  17. hey how much moisture % does the ball have when packing ?

  18. Another top video lads, made me join the Parker baits wave, just ordered over 200 notes worth..
    Bring on the nossers!!!!

  19. Ben your enthusiasm is awesome unlike anyone else on u tube i watch ill be investing in your products very soon 😉

  20. Brilliant insight and probably the most enthusiastic presentation on YouTube. Good work lads and lasses 👏👏

  21. Can’t wait to get my hands on this In Ireland. Gonna give a competitive edge

  22. Hi lads could you do a bigger wafter please

  23. rate the workrate mate keep it coming will be placing a order myself and giving your bait a bash!

  24. Hi Ben used the sauce og fish on a solid omc bag and it dissolved pal not sure what to make of it

  25. Another brilliant video lads the Parker Baits wave is just like a tsunami sweeping the country

  26. Hi lads I can't work coz life long illness so yeh i wished I lived closer to you coz i would definitely be on your case🤣🤣 so I could volunteer for u, Ben and your family have done an awesome job getting your business to where it is at present, and I'm sure it will only grow. Good luck from the bottom of my heart. Stay safe and mostly stay strong!!!

  27. Been a while since i have been able to catch up on videos great as always. Love the new lables look cracking and big love to mum and dad parker working so hard and late thank you guys we all greatly appreciate it.

  28. Donkey in the background singing the song of his people 😂😂

  29. Just got back from todbar, few fish on the fruit and nut!!! Bigged up you guys and the bait to some guys that arrived, have them some chops and 10mm to try. As I was driving off they were into a fish! Booosh

  30. just got my first fathers day bundle,,well chuffed

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