Life of a vip in Roblox squid game rp -

Life of a vip in Roblox squid game rp

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  1. Eu conheço vc,eu já te vi nesse jogo eu já falei com vc,eae cara

  2. Good think am getting my Mastermind So like this I can shoot Sever and guards including Frontman hehe

  3. Vip only cost 600 your mastermind vip mask is not like that it looks like and vip is not really higher rank then frontman

  4. Ima start making squid game tds viedos because squid game viedos blow up on my channel like 12 subs with only 7 vids that insane thanks for the support

  5. Tôi đã thấy số này mấy lần rồi

  6. U mastermind no a vip the mastermind as have a vip mask

  7. Dude yojr so wrong cause V.I.P.S have animal masks and masterminds have special masks

  8. Why do i keep spelling "your" wrong into "yojr" like bruh

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