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Let’s Look at Every 1-Star N64 Game

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Nintendo 64 certainly have games available for that video game system. There’s a few games that are still loved today but so many should have been known today at just prototypes and unreleased games. Though they released them anyways, here’s a look at a bunch of 1-start games on N64.

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  1. I haven't played much of the N64 version of MK Sub Zero Mythologies but I have beaten the PS1 version and it's definitely better than a 1 star. There was going to be Scorpion Mythologies and Liu Kang mythologies as well but they got canceled.

    LOL. Superman 64 is so bad yet so iconic. For that reason alone it earns 1 1/2 stars.

  2. If they had put a made up character instead of Earth Worm Jim in that game it would have been a hidden gem. The camera kinda sucks, the controls aren’t perfect, but worst of all people had massively high expectations because of the name. It’s an ok game, but it let down fans who then gave it 1 star. It’s not that bad.

  3. i loved the shit out of Dark Rift at the time! 🙁

  4. Me and my dad played strike zone to death. Once you get used to the controls etc., It's a decent game

  5. I'd say this list just scratches the surface of 1 star games. The N64 had some of the most incredible games in video gaming history, but a vast majority of its catalogue just doesn't hold up.

  6. *Tony Schivone voice
    It's Stiiiiiiing!!!!… and Robocop?

  7. I love how Superman 64 didn’t even need an explanation it’s just widely accepted as the worst n64 game of all time

  8. Didn't Clayfighter have ANOTHER racist character, the witch doctor guy? Or maybe that was the sculptor's cut.

  9. I didn't even know many of these games existed. Big Mountain 2000 doesn't look too bad, but I'll take your word for it. Dark Rift looks cool in stills, but your game play makes me feel like it is boring. I did rent Mike Piazza's baseball game as a high schooler, and I remember how bad that game was. The Mortal Kombat game is absolutely terrible. I've never seen the Olympic Hockey game, and I've got to tell you, the players morphing from the ice is rather unsettling. I'll stick to NHL '99. That Supercross game looked fun. Once again, I'll take your word that it sucks. Great video again, Mr. Riggs!

  10. The N64 is horrible, aside from Zelda, Mario 64, and the wrestling games I was very disappointed with it.

  11. There are no racist characters. Just more victims on the internet everyday.

  12. I actually enjoyed Dark Rift. I still have it today.

  13. I actually had a lot of fun with that hockey game!! it’s just a re-release of Wayne Gretsky 98. The bad reviews are really because it was a full-price re-release of a (then) nearly new game.

    Neither as good as NHL 99, but had great arcade-style gameplay.

  14. I was still in middle school when Earthworm Jim 3D released. It was my first experience going in a game with high expectation only to feel jaded, despite only being a rental. The boss fights are not only unfair, but they repeat with different characters. I only made past the second boss (somehow) and asked myself why I was still playing it. I even went out of my way to write an article on how dreadful it was as a late N64 release. Surprised it even got a PC release after the development hell I went through.

  15. The problem was that every N64 game wanted to be Super Mario 64

  16. What's more mind blowing about the Powerpuff girls fighting game is that it came out in late 2001. The PS2 was already out for nearly 2 years and both the GameCube and Xbox were just launched at the time and worst of all, it was the last non-sport game on the N64. Yeah, I count Tony Hawk Pro Skater as a sports game. The N64 could've ended on a sour note if there weren't a couple more games after the Powerpuff girls

  17. Hey John, where did you get that awesome shirt?

  18. Big Mountain looks exactly like "Alpine Racer" arcade game.

  19. Superman was so frustrating, annoying and pointless. I rented it and brought it back that evening

  20. I can see why these were flops. I never played any of these as a kid

  21. Well technically you can get away with a racist stereotype as long as you're racist against the right people I mean that's the statue people keep saying they're against racial stereotypes but then they advocate for those same stereotypes and use those exact stereotypes they claim to be against so

  22. The fact the game doesn't allow you to going where unless you're playing on the hardest difficulty is one of the reasons why that game sucks

    Superman 64 just one the worst games on the N64

  23. Oh god really thats a racist character in clay fighters? lighten up dude

  24. Pat’s working on an N64 Guidebook.

  25. Man I love Earthworm Jim 3D!!!!! It was fun and friendly. It wasn't as hard or adult themed as 1 and 2, but man it has the great N64 Rare gameplay. But Rockstar lol I grew up on ECW Hardcore Revolution is so bad 😭 Anarchy Rulz the sequel was much better. It had even more match types, believe it or not. The Dreamcast version is awesome! I actually enjoy it. Best of the Acclaim games.

  26. nastalgia might be kicking in but PowerRangers on the 64 was fun for me but I will agree it is awkward as hell to play at first

  27. Nice Sting & Robocop shirt! What a moment in wrestling lol

  28. Superman 64…That’s the review; just saying Superman 64!
    Genius! :v

  29. ECW being a re-skin of WWF Attitude was such a bummer, despite having a lot of fun with Attitude. I played the crap out of both solely for the unlockables.
    Nagano Olympic game was a let down compared to Wayne Gretzky 3D.
    Sub Zero is one of my fav bad games. Had the PS1 and laughed at all the bad cut scenes lol.

  30. I didn't realize that there were games this bad on the N64! It was probably the console that I had the most fun with; Wave Race remains one of my all time favorite games. I think it aged really well too.

  31. WCW Mayhem was just as bad as if not worse than the Acclaim WWF/ECW games

  32. I like how you got to superman 64 and said nothing about it because you know it's been beat to death already. Good call!

  33. 13:23 "I'm Thupercroth, thankth for athking!" Can't get anymore late 90's than that…

  34. that hockey game wasn't that bad….
    I'm not a hockey fan, and I found it playable, just an average sports game, it even has the part of hockey where two people punch each other in the face while the ref just stands there….

  35. If Titus would not have padded the game with those damn rings

  36. Clay fighter 63 1/3 was so much fun though

  37. I love how all you had to say about Superman was "Superman 64" and that's all anyone needed to hear about it 😂

  38. It's weird that Hardcore Revolution is on here but Attitude isn't because they are literally the same game 😅, but WCW Backstage Assault is the worst of them all.

  39. Poor Bubbles. T_T

    Give her a really good Powerpuff Girls game for modern console.

  40. Suprised the wrestling game wasn’t backstage assault lol 😂

  41. I actually didn't know there was a PPG game on N64 maybe that was for the best. lol

  42. Should Superman 64 be in a N64 classic? Although bad, it's deff historic. So I think it should be in. Anybody think otherwise?

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