Las Vegas Open '24 | Tournament Recap -

Las Vegas Open ’24 | Tournament Recap

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I’m joined by a returning Matt ‘the Nooog’ Nguyen, Trish Celefaze and Taran Birk to recap on the Las Vegas Open Age of Sigmar tournament.

👤Discord handles: Matt @rozkun | Trish @celefaze | Taran @honeynut_cheerios

📄Woehammer LVO Preview:

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  1. 25:02 Great podcast, I loved when Trish questioned why they weren't wearing two coats!

  2. OH GOD, he told the world I smuggled a liter of maple syrup out of the country. The RCMP are already at my doo-

  3. Its a dice/ matchup game. You have to learn from the loses as much as the wins. I've been playing AoS for about a year. At LVO 2023 i went 0-4-1 with my S2D. This year i was nearly 4-1 (went 3-2) with S2D and was the 5th best preforming S2D player out of the 22 at LVO. All the matchups are fun and you meet great people. Highly recommend attending any events you can.

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