Language App Reviews Ep. 1: Lingo Legend -

Language App Reviews Ep. 1: Lingo Legend

Language Simp
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It’s a pretty cool and addicting game
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  1. If I can’t learn Latin from this I’m going to die like the Language

  2. Only on apple? This game can suck my dick!

  3. Please, dude, stop saying "Bolsonaro muito gostoso". Not even his own followers would sincerely agree with that lol oh, i get it, you wanted people like me to engage in the comments, right? Well played, gigachad hehe

  4. Thank you for this video Jason! 😀

    …. I mean language simp…

  5. This man is an artist, a role model and a comedic genius!!!!

  6. imagine calling the German language, ''South danish''

  7. Pneumomoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

    I can’t wait to be a HyperPolyglotGigachadWhoIsAttractiveToEveryWoman…. AndManOnThePlanet

  8. You have to go to the barber in order to stay attractive

  9. Unfortunately the game is only available in IOS phones :(((

  10. I bet you can't speak Thai, Language Simp…

  11. where is world's most easiest and take not even a second to learn language "Chinese"🥺🥺

  12. duolingo is just like this, but without a silly ps2 ncp style interface in 2022. i'd rather use duolingo than lingo legend, they're the same

    Well ofc u r, i imagine u speaking japanese, gosh you'll sound like an omega male no matter how much ur voice is deep.

  14. Yo bro if you managed to learn Arabic you will very easy manage to learn Kurdish

  15. Oh I can't wait to see the review of LuoDingo

  16. F in the comments for android users 🥲🥲🥲🥲

  17. Yeah hopefully this gets on Samsung soon and if they could add russian that would be awesome

  18. The game’s alright until you realize how hard it is to actually lose. Why make it a game if all the challenge comes from the vocab alone?

  19. FSI language courses, how to talk like im the 60s

  20. I hope this ends up being available on the Amazon appstore… But I doubt it, because that is arguably the worst appstore ever.
    Browser access could be awesome maybe…

  21. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you in response to the greeting you are at first (peace be upon you). It is a beautifully meaningful Islamic greeting that is about 2 billion Muslims around the world and from various continents and countries. I am very happy because you are using them are better greeting at all. According to our Islamic belief, this greeting is the greeting of Abu Humanity. They also greet the population of Paradise.
    I respect you, Mr. from Africa.🌹👍

  22. Good but more languages are indeed needed, like what is it with Arabic not being there!! LIKE EXCUSE ME 😛
    But yes, Definitely will try for Spanish

  23. Disappointing that the phrases appear to have nothing to do with the game. I need a game that involves a story, not just random sentences… that's what Duo does.

  24. que porra ele disse do bolsonaro? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. I wanna be a polyglot gegachad alpha male who's very attractive to every woman… and man on the planet

  26. Ho scaricato l'app e ora parlo correntemente l'italiano

  27. I'm very upset that this game is not on Google Play.

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