jun-ho ur a badass | VIP & JUN-HO ROOM SCENE SQUID GAME - squidgame.quest

jun-ho ur a badass | VIP & JUN-HO ROOM SCENE SQUID GAME

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my jaw dropped and my eyes turned into hearts

show: squid game on netflix

i’m rlly srry the audio is so bad..


  1. dont say he touched jaguars titi 💀

  2. The boy behind the mask in his head:. Help ME HELP ME

  3. Was that Jun-Ho's actor's real voice or the dub voice?

  4. In my opinion jun ho isnt attractive at all he just looks really cool

  5. The VIP's unclothed body makes the scene SO MUCH MORE uncomfortable

  6. What
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 That's no way I m so laughed what vip is no wears the dress ha

  7. I don’t know what was more traumatizing? The rape attempt or the VIP’s body?🤢

  8. It's uncomfortable to watch… but at least it ended up being more uncomfortable for that guy.

  9. Um, thats actully Hwang In-Ho OxO

  10. Even with no context this is oh my– really disturbing…
    I need to cleanse my self

  11. I like girls, but this man might make me straight again- (talking about jun-ho)

  12. I’m sorry, that V.I.P should be in jail.

  13. If I was the vip tiger and did that I will feel uncomfortable

  14. This one is funny that dude built like a titan

  15. “That’s not the kind of face you should keep behind a mask”

    – best sentence in squid game

  16. This is the most Squid Game scene of the whole show for me. Basically how capitalism and in practical applications how every other economic system has ever worked.

  17. You have NO idea how hard I fistpumped when Jun-ho pulled the gun and talked back. 😤💥 omfg. 😂

  18. Like what that scene was bad bruh delete this scene

  19. Sorry to comment again this is cringe 😬

  20. When I seen this I thought damn it they had a missed opportunity to make his mask a bear mask and the reason a say that is because a fat hairy gay guy is referred to as a bear, It would’ve worked so perfectly.

  21. Ya VIP! Not so funny when YOUR life is on the line huh???? Also I love how Jun-go uses their own lines against them that’s so badass and hot ❤️❤️

  22. I finished squid game today with my sibling and its so fucking bomb (new fav show) thing that pissed me off is that, that dude is white, like why couldn't he at least, be another ethnicity?? Like I get that he is supposed to be shitty, but like why couldn't he at least be Korean?? Plus this is sa,like I know its acting and all, but its still super weird and creepy. It also looks like the dude was actually naked, its terrifying…

  23. That immediate change in power dynamic was so satisfying. The first time i watched it, i was so terrified Jun Ho was about to be assaulted and then 2 seconds later, hes standing over the VIP creep with a gun to his head. I cheered

  24. I just came here for jun-ho's voice lines

  25. You can tell Jun-ho’s English accent sounds different from both the Korean and English version

  26. Have you seen the vip get squeezed on the balld

  27. “Satisfied?”
    Oh that struck me right in the heart and ovaries

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