Jean Paul got a Squid Game Invitation -

Jean Paul got a Squid Game Invitation

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  1. burn is the only one allowed to break the rules and I love it

  2. Burn and wiseguy are the goat rpers on this server

  3. squid game was a dogshit show that was over hyped by tiktok and now shit retarded streamers who can barley speak english

  4. Burns such a good RPer. How does he come up with these ideas to copy movies. Man he's a genius

  5. Nigga needs to slow the fuck down and pay attention, god damn somebody take away that gfuel and give him some fucking adderall so he will chill the fuck down for once in his life

  6. X by far had the best interaction out of any of the others

  7. This reminds me of that Keye and Peel sketch.

  8. This is gonna sound biased but this is the best interaction so far

  9. you know when burn is doing RP you know its top notch .

  10. Someones said bad rp in chat….like what?

  11. All these people getting invited and it’s awesome. Highkey, I hope sophia is not invited, she will be the crazy lady from the actual show and she was annoying asf.

  12. I feel like they forgot the whole primise of the the show…. the ppl who got invited were down bad in life not millionaires

  13. Imagine squid game happening it would low key chaotic but interesting

  14. did he play the game yet or they just invited

  15. Burn is really taking the opportunity to roast X lmao

  16. if he teams up with Marty and they already won lol they can shoot, hack, they're both 5Head, they dont need anything else


  18. omfg i'm crying, this is the best squid invite i've seen yet

  19. "Of course its not yours.." "is anything ever yours?" 😂😂😂

  20. Wendy’s or McDonald’s fries?

  21. I like the suit guy he has a Good voice

  22. holy fuck him stuttering on nine then burns doing that was just hilarious

  23. Anyone know when this event will actually happens?

  24. Is the guy that called him the sasuke guy?

  25. ‘I quit streaming, Iam already getting streamsniped’ XD

  26. different rules, different games.
    how is it squid game?
    someone should watch at least 1 episode of the show before they try this

  27. o rp de fora e muito melhor que o rp do brasil ksksks

  28. __________________________________________________ says:

    is x rping as himself?

  29. 14:59 This was the perfect ending possible. Burn walking away with a fading voice: "Of course it's not yours. Was anything ever yours" then the car with masked men speeding off into the distance as X is left by himself. It fits in perfectly with the surreal mysterious atmosphere of this whole encounter, like it was all a dream and nothing ever happened. It was a completely ad-libbed line by Burn, but my god it was cinematically perfect for this scene.

  30. Jesus loves you all and he is always with you. God bless and have a wonderful day 👍

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