It's been a very weird week... -

It’s been a very weird week…

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It’s been a very weird week for us…
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  1. Office looks great buddy! Thanks again for the Universal swag! 🙂

  2. The older you get, Devin, the faster time goes! I swear I was just 25 and I'm about to turn 40…. and my son is about to graduate high school! Everything goes faster every year!

  3. My husband and I were just talking about the same thing regarding our taxes. We are getting ready to make our appointment with our tax person

  4. Interested in 1 or 2 art pieces lmk the best way to reach out for pricing!! Loving these vlogs Dev & Bianca!!

  5. My husband and I feel the same way regarding Valentine’s Day. Every day is special to us and we do special things for each all during the year. Congratulations on your October wedding!!

  6. Poshmark well be awesome for some of us!

  7. I totally get it Dev. I call it the Groundhog's Day life. The way I try to change it up is to go somewhere I haven't ever been or haven't been to in a while. So…for this month…I'm running to WDW by myself for a day for a reset. Oh…and October is the BEST month to get married 🙂

  8. Dev I would keep the Goofy painting. I feel like he’s been a big part of your life. Also I love the idea of Valentine’s Day but I don’t need a day to tell someone special that I love her. I do that pretty much everyday

  9. I would buy all your Disney items!!!! Especially the great movie ride sign

  10. A good electrician can put a plug where ever you want one. If you don't end up building, that's a thought. My house is modular if that interests you.

  11. I bought a $700k house at age 29 in the northeast area and I worked hard at my Union job for that comfort.

  12. I would definitely be interested in the Mandalorian. Please let us know when you sell Disney stuff or cool stuff 😊❤

  13. Sup Dev, do you think you'll get into live streaming games?

  14. Dev, what did you think of Cava? It started here in Maryland about 10 years ago. We love it, but I will say your bowl didn’t look quite up to par.

  15. Oh wow. She likes Korean food? Nice. I need to go there, too. I want to try the K-dog.

  16. I don't mind needles. I am used to them since I was a baby.

  17. 😍that Mandolorian art!!!💜My grandson loves all Mando/Grogu stuff! His birthday is coming and I got him a Pop Vinyl with Mando holding Grogu! I would love to get if it’s affordable LOL I’m in FL and he’s in NJ and due to a health issue with my husband I haven’t been up there in 4 years🥲I’m planning to go as soon as I possibly can, and would love to bring him something Special♥️
    Love ur vintage game, my Don still had his 1st Nintendo system, he’s now 38!!!!

  18. 💜💚💙ohhh can I share what lightbulb that is??? I’ve been trying to find one like that! Have you seen the little astronaut that shoots stars up on the ceiling??? So cool!!!
    P.S. Stuck in a rut is my life anymore, u hit that nail on the head! U are DO right, since Covid hit the planet, the weeks fly by and have turned into months, years WAY too fast! Super Scary stuff🥴🥲

  19. Nice vlog and happy to see Bianca and hear her lovely daughter so cute😊 you both wishing all the happiness. 😊

  20. Bianca be gaming??!! let me find out lol! what game is she playing now

  21. Unlocking the inner hero the right way for sore!😎💪🦵👍

  22. cool gamecube! we have a bunch of old nintendo stuff. no nes or gamecube but a gameboy color, ds, wii, wii u, N64, etc….i think someday maybe they'll be worth something lol

  23. It just comes with getting older…the older ya get the faster it goes! That's why I always try to have a good day. Even when I don't wanna lol I'm also always thankful that the good Lord sees fit to wake me up each morning! Praying that you and your family have a week full of blessings! 🙏💞🙏

  24. Haha I don’t blame Bianca! Raisin Canes is my FAVORITE too! Especially when you make a sandwich with the tenders and garlic bread and dip it in the sauce… 😍

    I’m not sure if you guys like spicy food, but If that place has a Flamin Hot Cheetos Korean corndog option, I 100% recommend! It’s so good!

  25. Hey Dev, Love the videos. You should try a chord cover for your tv wires and paint it the same color as the wall. It’s a nice clean look.

  26. Dev the unfortunate truth is the older you get, the more you feel time slipping by. I'm 25 and I'm noticing that 😂 also im getting married in October too! That's awesome!

  27. Congratulations to y’all, however if a lot of people can’t afford Patreon membership I feel like you should but your Journey of your wedding on this channel please 🙏🏾

  28. Everything changed after the pandemic……

  29. Great video, uplifting & calming. Being a former personal trainer, it’s good you have a schedule for your upper & lower body workouts. Thanks for the restaurant reviews…like your honesty. Congratulations on setting a wedding date. Enjoy the process of planning your nuptials. Have a sunny week!😎🌴

  30. Hot tip at Canes. You can order "naked bird" which is fried sicken fingers with no breading. I am allergic to gluten, so this has made Canes one of my favorite fast food stops. Also, if you don't want bread or slaw, you can sub out for extra sauce. 😁

  31. Hey Dev! The office looks great. I also love Raising Canes my favorite is the Texas Toast. I not sure about the Korean food the menu didn’t look appealing at all😂😂. Congratulations on the upcoming October Wedding 🎉🎉

  32. So happy you guys set a date for your wedding. Congratulations!

  33. Couldn’t agree more about VPR! This season is a slow start, and the cast is going to have to figure out filming together again. Rumor has it that Rachel will not be coming back per her therapist’s & family recommendations, but who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. We passed by k-bobs this weekend while we were down from central AL. I know now we need to stop in on our next trip! Looks awesome!

  35. Talk to some of your disney friends they may buy the art for thir homes. Or give as a house warming gift.

  36. If I could recommend a Korean place for you guys, there’s a place called “Babbi Babbi” on sand lake road. The Korean food there is a lot more authentic.

  37. Do you mean you feel you are in a rut or in a funk? Not being mean I swear, I love your channels! I’m seriously asking. That’s so exciting y’all set a wedding date, yay!!!!!!

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