IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 195 - The Apple Vision Pro (The ultimate in digital twin tech?) -

IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 195 – The Apple Vision Pro (The ultimate in digital twin tech?)

Iot Coffee Talk
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Welcome to IoT Coffee Talk, where hype comes to die a terrible death. We have a fireside chat about all things #IoT over a cup of coffee or two with some of the industry’s leading business minds, thought leaders and technologists in a totally unscripted, organic format.

This week, Dimitri, Andreea, Pete, Steve, and Leonard jump on Web3 to talk about:

* BAD KARAOKE: “Round and Round” by Ratt
* Introducing the Apple Vision Pro
* Are Personas creepy?
* Why what Meta is doing is not what Apple is doing
* It’s about Immersive Reality NOT virtual reality
* The price of WOW!

It’s a great episode. Grab an extraordinarily expense had bad cup of coffee and check out the whole thing. You will get all you need to survive another week in the world of IoT and greater tech!

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  1. How has your Vision Pro experience been? Let us know even if you just did a demo…

  2. One limitation of the Vision Pro is its ability to be used in the dark or in very low light conditions. The tracking and gesture controls become pretty limited. Also, high contrast scenes tend to produce reflections due to the pancake lenses. Both are nitpicks but could be materials for some users and some use cases.

  3. My evaluation of the Apple Vision Pro after a week of use:

    🤙 Intuitive user interface and experience – learning curve is short and easy
    🤙 The display and visual quality – photorealistic
    🤙 The user interface is responsive and extensible
    🤙 Spatial Video and Photos quality is very good
    🤙 Immersive content especially the Environments are exceptional
    🤙 More than enough of the applications and content you need (you don't need a million apps, just a few just like your smartphone).
    🤙 More engaging and useful than expected
    👎 Passthrough quality is lower than expected – OK but not great
    👎 Solo band is prone to causing face fatigue after/during sessions more than 1 hour especially if you don't fit it optimally around your head
    👎 Lens glare in high contrast scenes especially with dark background or environment due to pancake lens
    👎 Field of view is more narrow than expected – feels like you are wearing goggles
    👎 Content viewed through Safari lower grade than on other devices (3D stuff on YouTube not viewable).
    👎 Sharing is challenging. (Likely due to privacy reasons). Still not that easy.
    👎 Usability in low-light and dark conditions degrades. Don't expect to use in the dark.

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