Into The Deep: Giant Squid Captured On Video -

Into The Deep: Giant Squid Captured On Video

CBS Miami
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Giant squids live in the darkest depths of the water, half a mile or more below the surface. Meet the ocean researcher who finally got one on video.


  1. 🎉 I feel the giant Squid should be treated with care and understanding

  2. To be fair, the moon is 81 times smaller than the earth, so of course after several intense missions it's going to chart easier.

  3. I can imagine a squid 300 million years ago when the world oxygen was double so all life forms was double to triple its size

  4. I bet one of these really did attack a pirate ship way back in the day (or latched onto it) and when the crew told the story, people just received it as myth. But those people knew what they saw. Maybe they were more abundant in the ocean back then and now they're more endangered than ever. Hence why we barely have any footage.

  5. I no it’s big but there’s probably a lot bigger ones.

  6. Humans: “what are you doing?”
    Giant squid: “nothing… me? Hehe… just hangin around”

  7. 😎😍🦑There’s a Kraken Attacken !!! 😎🇺🇸🏴‍☠️🦑❤️

  8. I do not know much, but is there a possibility that these folks devolved to smaller sizes than before. The myth of the Kraken could not have existed without an actually really big squid.

  9. I gess the giant squid of Tasmania do not couunt.

  10. Beautiful footage, shame it was spoiled by the dreadfully noisy blaring commentary

  11. Why is the guy at the end wearing a jacket that is 10 sizes too big for him LOL

  12. Yeah us waters lmao 🤣 America thinks they're the best for everything

  13. i dont know it tentacles are shorter than it body and it is red not light blue

  14. the giant dead one washed up it tenticles are three x longer than it body n never red

  15. lol that is not a giant im sorry, you can find plenty giant squid of the coast of south africa though, then you will see the actual size of one, oh an just so you know, the one recorded here wasnt attacking

  16. Here's the Japan wastewater squid. But Japan won't eat it. Those jap politicians say it's safe to eat this shi*!

  17. A giant squidward? Now that's quite the image… terrifying ngl…

  18. Something is wrong with his size of suit. 😅

  19. We want to go to moon and mars but never wanted to discover our ocean

  20. “It’s got eyes bigger than any other eyes in the non-animal kingdom.” Ummm…what?

  21. WOW. Edith is an oceanic researcher Gangsta! Lol I mean, talk about the holy grail of her CAREER!! It was a genius idea too.. absolutely brilliant. And it was so wonderful to finally see and meet this magnificent creature! I still can’t get over how each eye is the size of a human head! Lol so crazy.. Tysm for sharing! Bravo! ❤🙏👏

  22. Lol pretty irrelevant esp after commenting on this freaking AMAZING Squid.. but Mr. Jim Defenee, I’d say it’s time for a better fitted and well pressed suit.. cuz.. DAMN 👀 3:49 😅

  23. How amazing! 43 Feet in length fully grown, with eyes the size of a human head! OMG! No wonder there's a theory these guys are not of this Earth… beside their DNA being unique.

  24. higurashi and Umineko connected universe says:

    Beautiful Majestic giant apex predator😊

  25. I find amazing how illusive these creatures are. The fact that the only way most of us have seen them is through illustrations or through corpses of young ones. It's also fascinating that we have no idea what a full grown giant squids anatomy is

  26. And the Shark? Wasn't He The Best "Sea Monster"?

  27. What are these things eating down there to become this large?

  28. We are destroying our ocean world with chemical plastic and other rubbish over fishing wail hunting .we need to change are ways

  29. They are so graceful in their natural home in the deep ocean . I almost envy them .

  30. I really don’t like that statement about us about to destroy the oceans before we know what’s in them

  31. Only a matter of time before Asians make sushi of it.

  32. Hopefully these colossal squid 🦑 can solve humanity food crisis

  33. Aaaaw wow giant squid awesome video ❤❤❤

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