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I Will Win MrBeast Squid Game

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streamed this back in mid november, two days ago remembered i should probably edit it. not the best thing ever, but i had fun with it! hope you enjoy.

I stream! –


Nightmare –
Karl with a B
there’s like another guy too (larschner)

now ima include some tags, honestly ignore these i just copy and paste them. wowzas. crab game. very funny moments. I played Among Us VR. It’s like the regular sus amogus game, except in Virtual Reality. This ain’t yo grandma’s mogus, here I can become the imposter with my 1 Billion IQ and 5,000 IQ highest IQ moments and plays and it’s like I’m really there. This was absolutely hilarious, extremely funny, and just a ton of fun. I hope it makes you laugh, so don’t take it as a try not to laugh challenge or a you laugh you lose challenge / YLYL . This was made on the Meta Quest / Oculus Quest 2 through PCVR, but more specfically Steam VR. Among Us in VR is amazing, great, incredible, a blast, and laughter filled as we all try to deduce who is the imposter / killer / faker. This time, we didn’t make the game pay to win! As in the time before last time I just kinda goofed and some really awesome people donated to me twice! Even though MrBeast / Mr Beast / Jimmy / Mister Beast appeared in the thumbnail, he shockingly (I know, shocking) does not actually donate to me with 1 Billion Dollars, $100,000, $1,000. $10,000, $1,000,000, etc. The time before last time Jesse Pinkman was based, becomes pink pilled, and becomes a member of stan culture. Last time he was once again based, as some stupidly funny jokes occured every once in a while. This time, I honestly don’t know. I think maybe 5 among us vr videos in less than a month was a bit… much? Naaahhh. Like this entire description was reused because I’m lazy. Even that part explaining how it was reused was plagiarized from myself, that’s totally bonkers and crazy! Fun fact: I have maxxed out the description word count!

Virtual Reality on the Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, Playstation VR or PSVR / PSVR 2, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, or any other VR headset is quite the blast! This video follows a whole host of random dudes and I messing around while making jokes, lauging, performing epic and crazy stunts and fails, all while intense gameplay commences. You might say, ‘this description makes no sense!’ and to that I say that I want key words so this video is recommended more. Therefore, no credit for the footage goes to Rekrap2 otherwise known as Parkertwo and Rekrap. This video is not based off of the famous LifestealSMP / Lifesteal SMP, where original YouTubers such as Parrot or ParrotX2, Clownpierce, Spoke or SpokeIsHere, and Branzy alongside a wealth of other content creators play Minecraft, but every time they kill someone they take their heart. It’s a completely different concept to Minecraft Manhunt, Minecraft But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge by YouTubers like Dream, Sapnap, George, Badboyhalo, or Ranboo. This video was, however, inspired by videos by those such as Habie / Habie147 / Habie 347, Pikmin 4 Among Us Videos / Altrive Among Us Videos, Alpharad Among Us Videos, Sykkuno Among Us Videos, Disguised Toast Among Us Videos, RubberRoss Among Us Videos, PewDiePie Among Us Videos, Wilbur Among Us Videos / Wilbur Soot Among Us Videos / Wilbursoot Among Us Videos, Tubbo Among Us Videos, and Clobbah Among Us.. Videos? Idk I don’t watch them I just want to add more tags. Gosh do I love myself some keywords.

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  1. gaming is for gamers and not all of us are gamers

    funny vid

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