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I Was Kidnapped In Squid Craft Game 2…

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I Was Kidnapped In Squid Craft Game 2… They took me away from everyone else and INTERROGATED me!
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  1. I'm still so confused. What the hell was that :'D ?!?

  2. george tiene potencial para hablar español al igual que tina :3¡¡

  3. In the Hispanic community, almost everyone knows how to speak English, but in the English community, almost nobody knows how to speak Spanish.

  4. que bonito como lo trataron pero a gregf lo gritaron de 20mil maneras JJAJAJA

  5. las interrogadores con george: dont worry its okay <3 uwu

    con grefg: como no me digas la informacion de tu tarjeta de credito y tu dirección en dos segundos te mutilo el brazo y me como a tu perro

  6. El mejor stream estaba cool y me gustó 🤩🤩😎😎😎

  7. 2:00 so this what really happened during this time 😂. I watched it from Ibai’s stream and they was thinking bad about Grefg (another Spanish streamer) and George. It was funny to hear, hahaha.

  8. Hear George speking spañish gives me 1000k more life xDDD

  9. Sapnap and Dream in the BackGround yelling Georges name

  10. Te amamos Jorge no encontrado jaja ❤️❤️

  11. gogy-"I can't move help"
    someone – nice glasses bro LMAOOO

  12. Jajajjaja que divertido , estás perspectivas están muy bien

  13. Wait, I missed this DSMP lore stream. When was this?

  14. Te amamos Gogy, y al Dream team aqui en México

  15. You can hear sapnap screaming through the doors lmao!

  16. 0:43 el aiudame me pareció tierno 0:55 SU ESPAÑOL ES TAN ADORABLE NQKDNWKDM😭

  17. George desesperado hablando en español ame

  18. -I cant move
    +I love your glasses bro 👌🤠

  19. ni me matennnnnnn no me maten jaajajajajjaa no me mates


  21. Sorry George, it's just funny to see the English community trying to speak Spanish, love the content tho
    Lo siento George, pero es muy chistoso ver a la comunidad inglesa tratando de hablar en español, igualmente me encanta su contenido

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