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I Tried Beating Elden Ring With Bare Fists And Regretted It

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I Tried Beating Elden Ring With Bare Fists And I Regret It
In my last video, I was asked to take on the impossible Elden Ring challenge run that no one has completed yet. I accepted and went into this challenge happy and proud of what I was about to accomplish. By the end of those miserable 3 or 4 hours, I became a broken man. This challenge is truly a daunting task. Nevertheless, this is not the end of this challenge for me… I have not given up just yet…

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  1. So what's the backround music? (Not the ones in the description)

  2. Wtf music were you listening to?? Sounds better than elden ring soundtrack for sure

  3. You mixed up "Tank" and "Fat worthless pedophile" when you mention Nicocado Avo-pedo.

    Also, JoJo season like 1 and maybe 2 are somewhat kind of okay, but everything afterwards is just the most idiotic regurgitation of basic b*tch tropes and wannabe Pokemon knockoff. People need to admit that they only keep watching so they can fap to the oiled muscle men and occasional over-busty bimbo. Garbage series.

  4. But yet Elden Ring Bare Fist Only Run is more possible than beating Diablo Immortal Without Spending Money lol!
    But love the dedication but sad you had to go thru that pain of a Challenge run Skumnut. . .

  5. Ohh right..we got a update brah..watched some stream live on twitch but fell asleep..keep up the videos.

  6. Maybe it’s time to put these foolish ambitions to rest

  7. Even Radagon's dog beats down and abuses the Rickety Lord. More proof that Radagon is awful.

  8. You didnt beat it in 17 minutes with only fist. Lets see the whole video.

  9. Great try, but you would've easily beaten this if you liked JoJo.

  10. Now i know this is sacralige but maybe if he didn't level cap himself at 150 he can do a little better although fisting people still doesn't do alot of damage but just maybe there is a chance

  11. Wait you said :beat the game 6 times with beat hands,right? And you only failed at the 7th difficulty,right? 🤔

  12. Bare fist means bare fist,nothing else is allowed, that's what it means 🤦‍♂️

  13. The fact that Skumnut reached Rennala on NG+7 with only his bare fists is just mind blowingly impressive considering pretty much alot kf people with a capable mental health would not have even considered taking on Red Wolf of Radagon in this challenge run

  14. Someone clearly never made it to star dust crusaders

  15. Someone has actually beat margit with bare fists only, look it up.

  16. Ive also done a fist only run like 1 month after the game released i got the place before the erd tree and quit cuz it was so hard. You are a god among men for persisting so hard :d

  17. He really did try to make a “try finger, but hole” build

  18. I tried this (not ng) and got to Godfrey shade then gave up

  19. ……. Ayyyyeooo is Skumnut the new MoistCritc1al type beat?

  20. Why not try on base NG? No one has ever done that either.

  21. Imagine not even beating Rykard with your bare hands. Couldn't be me…

  22. It's like playing F1.
    It's all about infinite focus…

  23. Wait, I didn't know you could buff your bare fists? That's kinda neat.

  24. Idk why they made fist so weak. It’s not like if it did 50 dam it would break the game

  25. upgrade ur fist to +2 and solo everyone cmon

  26. I can't believe dark souls copied elden ring. What a shame.

  27. i remember seeing the ng+7 slave knight gael fist only and it's a 4 hour long video

  28. Thanks to you, imma start listening to guilt gear music while playing elden

  29. Still waiting on the video about prober stats for mounted combat and the best weapons and spells for mounted battles.

  30. So if you marry Ranni, this game is about domestic violence. We go around beating up her extended family and her dad's pet doggo. 😀How are we not the villains of the story?

  31. There's no need to beat the entire game with bare fists, just beat Hoarah Loux with bare fists and no buffs on NG. An Elden Lord and a potential Elden Lord, fighting hand to hand, proving that neither needs a weapon. Beat him in the Chad War after Serosh is dead and that will suffice.

  32. And now I have to do Malenia fists only on ng+7 so you don't have to, shit.

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