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I Survived 100 DAYS as an ANGEL in HARDCORE Minecraft!

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For the next 100 DAYS, I’m going to be an ANGEL in HARDCORE Minecraft! Watch as I battle demonic monsters, evil demons and other terrifying creatures! Can I build up my strength to become a SUPER ANGEL? You’ll have to watch until the end to find out!


  1. Wait aren't you pronzo and why are you discussing yourself and Max and plus can you please do a video as Evie I really been wanting you too she's my favorite Pokemon

  2. this is like the good place you should watch it maxcraft

  3. I like the way he worked with bronzo for this vid

  4. Max owns the Channel bronze no wonder the voice sounds similar

  5. Pov(days 49-51): the arrow bounces off of the demon and you get hit with it

  6. I'm sorry Is that Mikey From the meeting the mutant teenage mutant ninja turtles

  7. Mikey Is a turtle Not a Angela turtle

  8. I watch bronzo's video and of course I watch max crafts too.

  9. His name is not even Bronzo it’s another YouTuber that does the same thing as max

  10. It was so funny when the angel called him bronzo

  11. maxcraft there is a youtuber bronzo and remeber when you met him as a polar bear

  12. #26:58 "it is important to draw wisdom from many different places" is a reference to iroh's line from Avatar The Last AirBender: "it is important to draw wisdom from many different sources, or it will become rigid and stale."

  13. demon karen: LET ME SPEAK TO THE MANAGER!
    “Bronzo” max: I am da manager 🤪😌💅✨

  14. That's funny max there call bronzo i always watch bronzo

  15. They thought you're bronzo cus is the same video of her 🤣

  16. 100 day in zombie pls end ender dragon pls max.

  17. They already did the collab lol

  18. Max is bronzo bc they had the same voice

  19. I just had to laugh when Zagvier said "The missions will just be in via AirDrop" Btw, nice talking futures I really like watching your vids! Deserve a sub!

  20. he’s still low rank angel arch angel

  21. Bronzo and Max both do 100 days in Minecraft 😉

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