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I Made Squid Game And Forced Them To Play!

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I made Squid Game, and forced my subscribers to compete for a $456 Grand Prize!
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In this video, I recreated all of the games from Squid Game using Unity C#! I then gathered 16 of my subscribers to compete for a $456 grand prize. Squid Game is an extremely popular Netflix show coming from Korea.

The video showcases Red Light Green Light, Sugar Honeycomb, Tug Of War, Marbles, Glass Bridge, and Squid Game. My subscribers competed in the games while I controlled them. Watch the video to see who wins!

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  1. Some say he's still trapped in Sugar Honeycomb

  2. Why don’t you be original instead of copying Mr Beasts style

  3. Hey, nice video Nick! I was one of the participants (the one with the queen pfp) and was one of the few that got stuck in Sugarland Honeycomb. Still, it was a lot of fun talking with Nick + the other participants. I can’t wait for there to be more events. Keep up the great work Nick!

  4. If I had a nickel for every time I died, I would have 2 nickels. That's not a lot but it's weird that it happened twice

  5. I feel like I've seen that thumbnail before…

  6. This was so much fun!! I was this 🤏🏻close to winning ;-;

  7. Almost 17k subs, 600 views. YouTube algorithm at its finest.

  8. This came out really insane! Yours was actually more true to the show than Danis lol

  9. I feel bad this video must’ve taken ages too make and barely any views

  10. I made squid game so Bandai Namco doesn't have to

  11. Hey bro I've a challenge for you, can you make as God of war game. Not exactly but just making the concepts , and honestly I know that you can do this because bro you are awesome 😎👍

  12. Man this whole YouTube channel is a gem. I absolutely love the content and can't wait to see more! 😁

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