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I joined the Squid Game (in VR)

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Squid Game has come to VR via an unofficial app developed for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 called Red Light Green Light and Skylerguns could really use the money so he entered into the Squid Games.

Download Red Light Green Light via Sidequest or Oculus App Lab:

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  1. Without plot armor. Your chances of surviving are 0

  2. The way he is saying green light red light

  3. At last skyler finally plays vr after I told him like 6 or 7 months ago

  4. This was so fun to watch great video keep going

  5. Skyler got shot?!?! Didn’t he live in Nevada and not Ohio?!?!

  6. Where are you skyler i want do see good videos more

  7. everything good you haven’t been posting dawg?

  8. Hi you have not posted but your probably taking a break or to buys so yeah just got to say have good day bye

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